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Paintings and Music. Yea!

So yes, I'm alive and well. I've been kinda busy since getting back, finishing the master touches on Autumn Shade's new album, Ezra Moon. I am very, very excited about the album. I'll be putting some nice songs for your ears to be pleased by. Strange Attractors is the record label we'll be publishing Jes' album through. It should be going out to the masses in mid-February, or so I hear...!

I've also been painting during Jes' gigs. I painted a nice autumnal tree, spanning two days to finish the work. I've been told it's my best, and I like that people say that to me often. It seems my work touches people just the right way when they see it.

So I'll be finishing the wonderful album and working on all kinds of other artistic endeavors. I'm sorry I've been alittle out of touch with my friends, but that'll be all over soon, I promise! I'm just a little too focused on my tasks and I want it to be worth it!

I hope everyone has a nice o…