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Derick and Jes are goin to Seattle!

Originally uploaded by studiosound. Yep, tomorrow we're boarding an airjet thingy and are leaving for Seattle, Washington, later followed by Canada!

The short of it is, if you know anyone who might be able to help us out with a little bit of lodging or even a little tour around the area that would be great!

Once in a lifetime I'll leave a temporary cellphone number if you wish to call about this and only this... If you don't get us just leave a message.
--------- is it! or mail me, but who knows when I'll get to that.

Thanks for your support and have a great day!

Hello Again!

Evening Jes 9
Originally uploaded by studiosound.
I've been busy, actually. There's a great reason I haven't been updating the site recently. I've been taking loads and loads of photos and reading and adventuring!

Go and check out my flickr site (click on the 'photos' button on my site @ for new images I've been getting into. I'm so into it, and I've got many more ideas for cool and incredible imagery. So yea, I've had loads of fun lately!

I just got the news that I'm going to Canada in a few weeks! I was a bit worried as I don't have a passport, but I did a little homework and discovered that I don't need one! Yay!

Tonight I'm painting at a groovy little coffee house, Shades of Brown (brookside). My friends Jes and Fae are playing their sets of Acoustic Folk and Celtic respectively, and I get to paint a fairly large oil briskly behind them. I'm excited! If you are interested in that we'll all be there around …