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I want you!

On a photo shoot in Broken Arrow
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I'm putting out an APB for models for me and my cameras to shoot. Do you live here in Tulsa or around the area? Female or Male? Great!

I'm not looking to take headshots, sleasy photos or anything like that. I'm looking to further develop my talents as an artist. I want to go on a photoshoot and find interesting angles, poses, expressions, clothes, ect., Just anything that will create a great image.

I also have pretty much no money to pay you. But I may provide lunch or a high-five or a hug of gratitude, Roberto Begnini-style! Come a-here! I love-a-you!

I've been a videographer for Television for quite some time (about nine years, off and on!) and I would like to merge onto the still photography superhighway. I've always loved creating a good composition; I'd just like to take it up a notch!

Of course I'd need a model consent form, just in case I would want to display them somewhere.

So if you…

Photo Shoots and Saint Louie Misadventures

On a photo shoot in Broken Arrow
Originally uploaded by studiosound. How is everyone doing this fine Tuesday? I'm in a slow spell at work, so I though I'd write a little bit about my week.

I went on a photo shoot with Jes yesterday in Downtown Broken Arrow. For how fast BA is growing, the downtown is basically just abandoned old buildings and a grain silo. I do like all of the old, dusty textures it provides for me and my camera.

I've got a lot more pictures, but I'm going to limit how many pictures I upload per day, just so people will notice them as they trickle in on Flickr. The last time I did a big photo dump hardly anyone viewed the first pictures I uploaded. So come by every few days and look at the new stuff!

Jes and I got back from Saint Louis Sunday night, and we had a huge, fun trip filled with adventure. We came down to see Billy Corgan, who we got plenty of pictures of. Do you even know who Billy Corgan is? Remember a little tiny rock group, The Smashing Pump…

Wal-Butt and The New Car Saga, Part Two.

Breezy orange highway
Originally uploaded by studiosound. I'm a-goin' to Saint Louis tomorrow morning!

Jes reeealy wants to see the incomparable Billy Corgan, and I love SP.

So we're picking up in my nifty Maxima and are heading down, er, up there!

Woohoo! Road Trip!

Oh yea, don't ever go to Wal-Mart. As if that were news to anyone.

I took my Maxima, a perfectly running vehicle there to get an oil change. Baaad idea. Those fcuk balls. I dropped it off, came back an hour later and paid for it. I started up my car and my RPMs started way too HIGH! My eyes glazed over with rage. They screwed up my car! So I marched back in there and made a complaint. Turns out, Billy Numbnuts couldn't figure out how to remove my oil filter. Nothing about that on the reciept! He was going to let us leave without doing his actual job! That just enrages me. Even worse, he said the car's RPMs were doing that already when it came in.

LIES SEEP FROM HIS EVIL LIPS! I later found out what he ha…


Jes and I have gone a long way together. Our relationship has changed. But I think we'll be smashing best friends.

Strange feelings...

Sadness, swirled with a lighter shoulder. We were very nice together today. We made shishkabob and had a fine 4th.

She'll be leaving for Canada in a few weeks, so that's all I have for now.

The New Car Saga, Part One

The new car
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This is my new to me!

It's a 1988 Nissan Maxima, and it's an incredible car.

I bought it at an auto autction, one of the most gut-wrenching things you can possibly go through. With a flick of the wrist, you've just commited bunches of money to a car you can't even drive until you've bought it!

I had gone to one other auction on Tuesday, the one on Admiral and Memorial. When I went in, I had to put up $200 as a deposit and sign a few things. Not so bad. Then I approached the auction garages. As I came inside, I heard the auctioneers, or rather heard the jibber-jabber sounds their orfices belted out. Thousand-hummana-hummana-canigettahummunahummuna. I got worried. Am I going to understand any of this crap? Will I accidentally buy a hummanahummana with a sratch of my nose? Fortunately, like any deep immersion, I began to understand the rich, complex language before me. I ended up making one bid, but at the end it d…