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Happy New Year - Derick

yay it's now 2005!!

Are we all doing well this year!?

I'm doing well. I know I've got some changes to go through, and it's off to a great start!

I went camping with Jes and we had a lovely little time about, running and playing in actual nice weather on that night.

In the morning it rained and we got a little wet, but in a good way. We then went boating in our fancy, slightly-leaking raft. Actually, before that I realized I left the pump at home, as well as one oar. So I hyperventilated myself getting that raft floatable. My lips actually went numb!

So now we are in the new year.
I resolve to be a more active person
I resolve to finish what I start
I resolve to be even more upbeat and energized!

*downs some strawberry wine*


I'm working until late tonight. Boo!

On the upside I plan on getting myself back into the Drunkard before I go and do whatever it is I'm supposed to do in this crazy world.

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