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Merry Christmas From Derick Snow

Ho ho ho and merry Jesus' Birthday! Well, I've been back in Tulsa for a few weeks, just waiting for the end of the editing so we can see what happens next. I flew back via 737 on Southwest, the first time on a plane since 1987! Well, I had a wonderful time flying in a big jet plane from LA to Phoenix. While in Arizona, I called up my friend, Michael amd we got to hang out and see the City for just a while, then I ran back to the airport, where I ran into some old friends and a new one! I ran into a fellow actor who worked with me when I did some Teens Involved In Problem Solving (TIPS) national PSAs long ago, fancy meeting her in Phoenix. I also got in line and started talking to a deep-voiced man with a cowboy hat, who seemed oddly familiar to me. Well, turns out I was chatting up Urban Country legend Johnny Lee! He apparently wad on his way back to Branson when we talked. Cool! Here's a fun tale. Once I got back into Tulsa and back to work I actually dicsovered I'd been…

Day three in LA

Last night was pretty fun!
I finally got down all of the moves from the My Little Butterup scene from Three Amigos!

What makes what we are doing a parody? Well, well... It seems we are going to a Mexican restaurant and performing to unsuspecting guests. Where? When? Can't tell you. But I'm pretty sure it will be nice and funny.

I'm also in a scene called Keanu Reeve's School of acting, where basically the entire cast takes lassons from a wannabe student of Keanu's "Style". It was pretty fun improving, allowing the writers to figure our personas into the scene better.

I left by bus and actually got there on time! I was fortunate and got a ride back as well. So that's a happy day. Everything's going to plan.

*in a Mr. Burns voice*

I went walking around my house a few miles out and found a reallt cool place with soo much cheap stuff, like 14 protien bars for 2.50 and such and so. As a poor little boy this place fills me with sustinance and …

I'm back in LA!

After a long and temultuous journey, I find myself back at the Sicle and Sheaf - er, Los Angeles.

I got to ride in a bus for 34 hours, 30 of which were perfectly acceptable until my mind snapped into hour 31. Day was night, night was day, I was hungry, not hungry, I was confused arrrgh! So I finally reached Los Angeles, where I really still didn't have a firm place to stay. I was at the Downtown LA Greyhound Depo and didn't have a place. So I call up a producer on the show and I get set up with a place that night. Unfortunately, I have to wait about five hours before the producer picks me up! Only a few vagrants hassle me, but I don't pay attention; I've been here before.

So I'm driven to this guy's (Steve's) apartment, which was incredibly gracious of him. By this point I'm actually kind of shaky from exhaustion. He has to go and work some more, him being a busy producer and all, so I immediately try to call some family back home. I get through a few c…