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Derick is back online with a tale to tell!

Derick back from the land of the Tulsa.

First off, my website, is frozen right now, so I can't access any email from mail(at) instead, you can contact me @ studiosound(at) for now. Also, please visit my blog on Let it be known that is a big fat piece of poop. They froze my account and sent it off to some othersection of the company and I've been trying to get it back for nearly three weeks now! ugh.

Kids, gather 'round and I'll tell you what's been going on with a nice little story.

Once I got back into town, I had no money, and I haven't had any for about a month now. But I get my paycheck on the 5th, which is nice.

I was actually supposed to be back in LA on October 29th, but shooting begins for my little thingy on Nov. 7th. So I ask if I can delay my visit. Fortunately, the purpose of the 29th is for "auditions" for other smaller roles in the other segments, and I've alr…

Back in Tulsa!

Wel, It's Derick once again, and I'm back into the swing of things here in tulsa, back for a few mere weeks before I leave again for the insanity of LA!

I'm working back at the 'ol TV station I frequented a half a year ago. Seems they never took me off of payroll. Woohoo for that, I need money again!

So my life resembles a bit of normalcy, even though I'm a bit cluttered lately. I spent five months living with just a few things, and now I've got a houseload of things overwhelming my eyes!

Thanks again to everyone who sent a kind word lately through the yahoo group, I am happy to hear from you! I shall reply to all in this fancy little message.

To BobSpongeman, I don't remember who you are according to the email addy, but thanks for writing. I was in a show called How To Master Secret Work here in Tulsa, and as far as I know, it never really went anywhere. It was low budget and had to many pie in the sky ideas, plus the production people never really coordin…