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Fun from July

From: "studiosound" <> Date: Tue Jul 13, 2004 9:45 pm Subject: A History....

I'll try to pony up a little history on our trip so you know whereour pictures took place. We first went to Arizona to see our friend Michael. But first we wanted to go see the Grand Canyon! So we wentand saw that magnificent thing of beauty and hiked along the Ahatrail.

We camped in our car, then we got to Scottsdale where wespent a few wonderful days with friend Michael and big giant turd Dan!

A quick note about the first pictures. The only digital cameras I've ever owned have been a Game Boy Camera, a crap $30 cam six years agoand a nifty $3 camera I got in a garage sale used. So all of the first images were taken with a limitied device. Once we got to LA, I have an interesting tale about 30 day refunds I'll get to next time I'm on!