Adventures in randomville and painting galore

Hometown State Fair

I randomly got free tickets to the fair and skyride today, so my lady gal Samantha and I paid one last trip to the Tulsa State Fair.Our main goal was to get some peach wine from some friends who have had great success with a booth (Whispering Vines) and ran into one of the folks who helped out on Quick Draw Derick, Scott Pendleton of the Pendleton family fiddlers! I tend to run into someone I know every single place I go to here in Tulsa. I love running into all of the best of Tulsa when I’m bouncing around.

While we were at the Fair last week, I happily discovered that I won 1st place on one of the five photos I submitted, and Sam won 2nd for one of hers. I still don’t always understand why one photo wins and another gets passed by, but the photo and art exhibits are one of my personal favorite reasons for going to the fair every year. That, and the free Vita-mix samples. I want one!

Yesterday my friend Leah celebrated her birthday, the day before 10-10-10. Me and my gang of friends went down to the river after 5 for sunset-birthday delights. I am happy I got to spend such lovely downtime with my friends after my third week of starting a new little job at Quick Trip at 21st and Harvard. Everyone I know tends to visit that QT at one time or another during the week and it’s been delightful surprising these folks who don’t yet know I’m back in town.

39527_1422299124698_1449300170_30933745_4000110_nI’ve tried to make the most of my time here in Tulsa in the last month. I submersed myself into my art, painting with a new band Called Brother Rabbit last Friday at the Marquee, just a block down from Cain’s Ballroom. It was a remarkably short set, but I managed to create an entire 4-foot piece of beautiful art in TWENTY MINUTES. It was tense and an amazing to myself how I managed to make something that not only resembled art, bit something I was quite proud of. Things went so well it seems that I’ve been invited to paint at more shows in the future. Look out!

On the acting side, I played in a video project for Hilti Tools as a nerdy-hip spy-tech support person. I love paying gigs, especially when it is with nice, energized people. I shot another scene in Teaching Faith a week ago, with my character being baptized in a very warm vat of water that prunified my hands by the end of the shoot.In October I hear I’ve one last reshoot with the lovely and talented Cassie Self while Octoberfest is in swing. After that, maybe then we’ll finally wrap and celebrations shall ensue. On the stage side I’ve started back up in The Drunkard last week, with Willie Hammond making a strong comeback on the fist of the month. I’ve also been in one Murder Mystery that was a wild and crazy ride, culminating in some bizarre antics at the Mayo Hotel where we played to alcohol-consuming workaholics. October 16th I’m playing in the Western show as master thespian J. Templeton Nash at Molly’s Landing, and later in the month I’m Vamping it up as Wolfie in the Halloween show! More Ultimate Murder Mystery Shows are coming up, so visit for more info!


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