Teaching Faith Shoot

Leap Of FaithHi world. I’m in Tulsa but I’m busy busy with a film project, whose working title is Teaching Faith. I thought I’d update saying all is well. I’ve been put up in a nice cozy place in South Tulsa and even have a car during my stay here. Every day has been an adventure with the nice cast and crew. I started the shoot on the first and will be shooting mostly through the month. I’m very excited to get the chance to have a lead for a film and it presents intriguing challenges every day.

I was happy to see some Tulsa friends last night as extras on the set. This wednesday we’ve got a few other shots that might need some background actors…

I’ve actually got to run off to set but I’ll be posting pictures, thoughts and videos of the shoot while I’m here. In the meantime, head over to my flickr page and see some fun pictures I took in LA the week before I left. They’re intense!

Have fun and I’ll be lookin’ for you.


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