The first bit of the filming is over and I got back in LA just a few days ago. So far, the film is going very well. I’m getting to work with some really talented folks and I’m being challenged in great ways as an actor. I feel like I’m in a great character groove and it is going to be a funny, sincere romantic comedy you’ll be seeing when it’s all wrapped up. I flew back the 10th and I’m happy to be home for a few days.

I’ve had quite the time in Los Angeles since I got back. Story time!

There’s a funny thing about parking in Los Angeles. There is no easy parking in Los Angeles...ever.

We only get one parking spot at our apartment, so I'm always having to move my car around; especially since all streets here have at least one day a week where they street clean and the city will tow you for that. On those days there isn't one spot for blocks and you have to be creative.

I parked in an unused lot on the other side of my wall from my apartment, where dozens of other cars also park. I've used it for months without a problem. I needed a place I could park my car for the week or so I was in Tulsa. So I parked there. How silly of me!

I own a 2000 Honda Civic. It’s in great shape and I have learned that there are many people who own Honda Civics in LA. I also learned recently that the Honda Civic is one of the most stolen vehicles here. Why, you ask? It was one of the first cars to use higher-emission standards and thus was a very popular purchase in emission-strict California.

When I got back from Tulsa I drove past where I parked my car and saw my car in the lot I left it in, so I didn’t stop to move it. I made a silly mistake, one of many this week. I have a neighbor that has a car nearly just like mine.

Last night I drove past the lot after dinner and noticed something different about the lot I parked my car: my car wasn’t there. I immediately stopped and checked around just to make sure. No dice. No car. No nothing.

I found a posted sign about parking with a number to call in case it got towed away. It was the number for the city police. I located my car tag in some paperwork and made my inquiry. My heart fell when they said they had no record of my car in their database and asked if I wanted to report a stolen vehicle.

A few hours later and some calming relaxation mantras the Norwalk officer came over and got all the information about my car. He asked if I had checked on the car with the city towing department and went off to his car to make one last check on their system. A few minutes later he called my to say he had good news and bad news.

The good news was he found the car. The bad news was the car was towed by a private towing company that only registered the car through the VIN, not my license plate.

I was glad to at least have my car, as there was still some important stuff in there. That was good news!

The bad news then came this morning. It had apparently been towed six days ago. After three days they began a lien process to take the car from people who want to apparently abandon their car. That process isn’t cheap. Neither was the $50 per day fee, the holding fee and towing fee. Blarg.

All told, I ended up having to scrape up $550 dollars to get my car out of a hellish, junky, busted tow yard, complete with scary guard dog and building that would look right at home in a zombie film. Give my regards to the dorks at Classic Towing, who managed to break my key ring just starting the car. I made a little prayer over my car and it seems to be fine, in spite of this mess. That place looked rather OSHA un-compliant, hint, hint.

For those of you counting at home, that’s two cars towed. Sam one. Derick One. I’m a little tired of learning lessons on spending money versus trying to find a free spot. Call me crazy, for I am from the land of wide-open spaces and parking as far as the eye can see in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lesson learned. I’ll pay for everything ever. I got it. Thank you.

So now I’m trying to make up for that ginormous dent to our budget. I’ve slashed some paintings on my etsy site you can see on the left where I sell my paintings and Sam’s put her camera up for sale here in Norwalk. I’ve been lucky to sell two paintings today and would really appreciate it if you would look and buy, or tell your friends about my special deal. Many of my paintings have had their prices slashed in half, with more to be added this week as I leave to shoot yet more film stuff.

This week all in all has been great even though that stuff has happened. At the end of the day I’m so completely grateful for the gifts of friends, family and endless opportunities that continue to fall right in our laps along our strange and incredible journey. I hope I can continue to help others in the same way.

This next week I get to kiss my lovely girlfriend, I have to stage kiss a man in the name of comedy, and kiss a girl from Arkansas in the name of a good romantic ending to a film…stay tuned…


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