Why I love my life, or some of my acting work.

Me Myself and I

In the near future I’ll have my videos squashed and edited into one tasty segment for you to see. I’m kind of waiting for the full release of the Duncan Christopher Movie before that happens, so I’ve put a smattering of some of my projects out there for you to see. If I can get the ok, I would also love to put up some of my most recent show as Smee in Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan. I would also love to get some of my Petro Pete Voice-over work that ended up in cartoons I never saw, as well as work as the Cripple in a TBN film about Jesus. We shall see. Check back on this post for additions.

If you like what you see, feel free to look at my resume and hire me for a gig, huh? I’m Sag Eligible and entirely willing to wiggle my eyebrows for you.

Here’s a bit of video fun:






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