End of one run, run around

I'm back in Tulsa until the Christmas cheer overwhelms me and I totally bust from eating goodies. I just got back from an Ultimate Murder Mystery Christmas party and I've got one each night until the 25th.

I realize I haven't written since the 1st so I'll give you a recap!

Ah, Peter Pan. It ended well and I got a nice slew of visitors the last week of the run. My Dad, Carol, Jim Fields, Bill and Barb and Jerib... Sam got to come a few last times as well and I am happy I had the time of my life. The show just seemed to get better and better with each performance and I never gave less than all I had each night. I enjoyed my time with the cast and had some great parties and getherings with those marvelous folks.

I think the last week was a great time for everyone. We celebrated our little theatre bond and played, painted, played together as much as we could before everyone left and began the never ending performer's search of the next Big Thing.

I hope more comes from this experience and I hear rumblings of more tour-y stuff besides coming back next July, which seems like a likely schedule. When it all becomes something more tangible than talk I'll let you know. This "talk" puts me out of the country in February and somewhere in the States in May, but I won't count any of those eggs until they hatch. I'm hopeful.

Last week I was out of work and finding time for other projects. I've been cleaning up the house to get ready for our extended stay in Tulsa and beyond. I put all of my paintings in weatherproof containers and such. I also had Jes and her friend Harvey visit for a few days. We went to Silver Dollar City and we froze out buttocks right off and still had a grand time doing so! I drank warm coffee and listened to my favorite group, the Homestead Pickers for a few hours and relaxed, taking in the warm fire's light of their cabin.

Our photo venture is off to the races and I've taken a few headshots and that's just lovely. I brought my flash on a stick and I'm happy to take some pictures from the 26th to round January 5th.

We got back into Tulsa on Monday night and have been trying to catch up on everything we need to do. Last week I finalized the purchase of my (new to me) car and I'm very happy with it. It's a Silver 2000 Honda Civic and it's sporty, nifty and fuel efficient! I'll try to remember to take a picture of it sometime and show you a little bit of my new Snowmobile. I'm registering it here in Tulsa tomorrow since I live here just about as much as anywhere! I'm getting insurance and all that tonight after I wrap up my little blog.

So now that Pan's over for a possible seven months? Can you say LA? I know so. Sam and I are popping by the Lala land for a few weeks just after the new year. What will we do? Get Disneyfied? You got it. We'll be doing some auditioning for fun and profit, with some background work thrown in for good measure.

February is looking to get me and some movie stuff in Tulsa together for a shoot in April, and who knows what I'll do for that pesky income during that time. I'm sure Sam and I will figure it out. I love living in the moment while always growing myself. No regrets!


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