Poem of the Day

I awoke in a flurry last night, my body vibrating from metaphysical forces. My mind was sharp and the words came rushing to the bit of poetry. The image above is from a painting I made and sold long ago. I hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it.

Desired energy light glows near low waters
Touching bare feet under the foam there
Not more than two tracks limping away
Where the end of one rock latched to the sand
Creaked open once.

New scent of a secret sweet emotion linger'd
Not gone but could not stay without cause
Wanted unwanted shadows once in the light
Shuddered as if to say less than a whisper
Was too much for us all.

As a raft without sail from constant storm
Drifted towards the little curls of land
Glowing shapeless forms began to ignite inside
Inward eyes flickered to show the secret spot
Meant for these nights.

Summer storms unlaid from corners of existence
Rose again with each hushed beat of surf
Low in timbre thick in breath it settled
Under the Moon beyond where glassy water beamed
Deep in blue indigo seas.

What if the embers came to the lonely soul
Wandering alone in that heavy silent night?
Would his direction change with faithful
Desire for the Moon he followed chased loved endlessly?
The world seemed to understand.

His essence was a prayer placed by soul sweet
Hopeful yet surrounded by endless utter silence
Cut from a king's heart hewn and softened
Strengthened a thousand years over waves
From bony sharp turned supple.

His feet stood there in dusk waiting
For a moment of dawn before moving existence
To kiss the door in the night to knowingly believe that
Slow beautiful breaths end him as the world does too leave
That fleeting dear dream walk.


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