What to be when you grow up?

I was chatting up the actor's lifestyle today and I wrote a little bit about how I make extra money for things like trips and adventures in-betweet acting gigs.

Where should you start if you want to jump out as an actor but still have a need to pay the bills? You can't simply work a 9-5 job if the daytime is when all the gigs are. You've got to absolutely get creative.

I'll use myself as an example. In the next month I will work on.: creating a website for a company, shooting headshots for actors, selling a painting, submit photoraphy to a few magazines for freelance, etc. And in two months continue my show in Peter Pan in Branson and then I'll get to act in a film in February. This economy favors a freelance market and you've got to spread yourself out there until something catches hold! Unfortunately an actor's life isn't exactly stable but it makes for a nice story. I make anough money to live comfortably, even though I have changed my style of living. The recession never touched me.

Check out The Photographer's Market and The Writer's Market at the library or bookstore. They have listings of publications you can send samples of your work to. Believe in yourself! Go down to Linda Layman and take an acting class so you know what direction you want to go and put together a proper resume for both work and acting.

Today Sam and I spent the entire day at Versailles, a lovely place filled with ornate rooms and gardens: The pinnacle of the day was taking a little boat with oars out to the massive pond and simply soaking in the beautiful world around me. I also loved the hidden trails near but away from the fountains; the grasses and trees took my breath away.

Tomorrow we visit the town of Vernon north of Paris; the home of Monet and a lovely route through the Seine.

So that's that. Enjoy and I'll write again soon!


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