Pan's Bday

Hi friends! I'm in the midst of performing in our play (in intermission) but hey, it's a slow period so I'm writing you :)

The photo you see is a take on an album image of Beyonce called BDay. I had to take a few pictures to get the two crocs right since we only have one suit. It's goofy but fun!

Pan has been an incredible production so far. I'm about six shows in and we've had a great turnout each time.

The first show was filled with all the local celebrities, like Yakov, Tony Orlando and Andy Williams! I got the chance to talk to them all for a bit and they seemed to quite enjoy the performance. The second show was great as well.

The third show our fantastic Hook, played by Robert Westenberg (of had a bout of laryngitis, so our Starkey played by Tom Wolff got the chance to perform three shows (one night was a two-show night), so we all got the chance to be on our toes. He was great but I'm very happy to have Bob back in the driver's seat as Hook. He's incredible and his wife Kim Crosby is also in the show as Ms. Darling. Both Robert and Kim go deep into the history of Broadway musicals like Into The Woods, which Sam actually had a copy of so that's a little surreal to be working with such talented stage actors.

Speaking of talent, Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan! She's got so much energy in the part and I'm amazed to see her work every night. I'm always a bit in awe of watching everyone work so well and I'm simply happy to work doing something I love. Cathy is an avid collector of interesting pets; she brought a ferret to the show yesterday and it plays well with the dog she also got here a few weeks ago.

The shows continue to go well, I'll continue to take fun pictures of the show behind-the-scenes and update via facebook.

I bought a couch today and I broke myself moving it in, but at least I had help from the people I got it from. Shmoopy likes it and I think Sam is happy to sit in something more comfortable than those classic red chairs.

What else...we took some incredible pictures last week, only to have the memory card corrupt the images. I don't know if you've ever had to deal with that kind of thing, but I hate doing that! Fortunately I found some great software called MJM Free Photo Recovery. Look is up if your card gets corrupted. It found 99 percent of the 300 photos I took over the last week and it saved my sanity!

My brother Howard is visiting and watching Peter Pan here in Branson tonight. I get to have lunch or something tomorrow with him. And as a special treat I'll be coming out and signing autographs and greeting fans in my outfit tonight!

Oh and Samantha started up her own website, It's just a little startup but I'll be doing something shiny and fancy soon. Stay tuned!

I hope everyone is well out there in internet land!


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