Art Show and Friends

Hi everyone! I know I don't update as much as I used to but I've been in the midst of some huge moving stuff and since I don't have internet at my house I do what I can :)

I've got a string of art events at the Gypsy Coffee House (303 N. Cincinnati, behind Spaghetti Warehouse downtown).

The first gala is this Thursday the 23rd at around 8 pm. I'll have little treats and so much art you won't know what do look at first. I've got painted canvases of all sizes for all budgets. I've even got a painted guitar! I've got some examples on my Etsy site, but I'm bringing at least thirty works of mine for sale.

Another big show also at Gypsy is Friday May 1 around 8. It's for a larger downtown art display called the Art Crawl and That will also be huge. If you like, I'm also going to be there the evening of April 30th just hanging out. I may try to bring in musicians that night, so there's something fun every night!

Even if I'm not there, The paintings are up from April 22-May 3. Go check them out!

One more thing. I've set up a fund for my friend Jes. She badly needs a working car and I want to see if my friends can help pitch in for something batter than the busted car she's got right now! Her current car was bought cheap but the old owner never sent her the title, among other problems. So now that she can't get her car running at all, it's time for a new (to her) car for Jes! I've alreadt scraped a fair amout of money but let's all pitch in for a friend and talented musician, yes?

You can send any money to my paypal account by going to, click SEND MONEY and send whatever you'd like to for Jes. You can also find me wherever if you've got some nice pocket change. I promise to give her all the funds specifically for that car. The funny thing? She doesn't know we're even doing this!

Nw Sam and I are getting ready to help Jime Fieds move into our old place. You can see us at Gypsy setting up paintings when we're done! Bye!


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