Flying around

I have had quite the weekend. I kinda...broke my face, but I am ok
mom! I serisously bonked my eyeball into a chair while in a murder
mystery on Friday night. It made a MIGHTY squshing sound and I saw
lights! But the show went on and I got through the show and I got an
ice pack on my face pretty quickly, so I'm ok. My nose is still numb
but it feels very interesting to touch someone else's face until the
feeling comes back. I'll tell the story in more detail later for those
that enjoy that kind of gruesome detail :)

I was in another murder mystery Saturday and I'm working on SPORTS
shows and if you know me the you know I'm psyched for that! Haha. I'm
having fun creating fancy graphics and I'm using my BOOMing voice for
some commercials. I was out at a golf course today, driving around in
a golf cart, making with the fancy footage. It's all quite strange,
that television. I love it even though I'm not a big sports fan.

Anyhoo, I've got an audition for some groovy blue-man-esque
performance stuff next week and NYC on the 20th. I hope all goes well!

More art, Quickdraw soon, blah blah and merry Birthday CODY! Woohoo!

Rafting with Dad next weekend? Crazy.


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