Oh, the photo you see up top is an infrared photo I took last month in a Cemetery. I love those! It's just haunting...and...speaking of DEATH-

Friends, do you like MURDER with your full, three course meal?
Ultumate Murder Mystery is fun entertainment! Everybody in the show is superb and if you've got the Tax return money I highly recommend coming to a dinner mystery theatre at Molly's Landing.
Ultimate Murder Mystery
UMM Tickets the place to get your reservations for April 19th, THIS weekend. May 3rd is the next one for me after that. This is a crazy western show called "Curse of the Phantom Cowboy," where I play a southern gentleman with a penchance for Gamblin' and just a tinge of...betrayal?! Maybe...?

May 24th is another one I'm performing in, called, "Do U Really Want to Hurt Me, Do you Really Want To Kill Me Now?" This one is pure 80's ROCK cheekiness with guns, a washed out rock star (me) and MURDER. My name's ICE. ICE, baby.

Usually my friends are too poor to bother with one of these dinner theatres, but it is really fun! And I actually get paid for these, yay.


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