In Memory of a Friend

My friend J. Edwin Fincher passed away today. Edwin was a great
storyteller and I had great fun working with him. He helped to design the set and lighting for my little show on TPS, Quick Draw Derick and worked with me in many, many other venues through the last eight years I knew him. He taught me a vast amount of audio and lighting techniques, and I feel I should have learned even more from him.

He was just about the most unique, "bizarre" character I ever knew and I never tired of his stories from the drug-fueled past of 60's television. He worked at every television station in Tulsa and in turn, worked with just about anybody you ever knew on just about any TV show in it's past. He lit for Hee-Haw, Mr. Zing and Tuffy, Teddy Jack Eddy, and even produced a totally psychotropic show called "Maintain" back in the day!

He had this very certain demeanor that seemed to be out there while at
the same time, believeable. I learned about his many children, who had
just as entertaining lives as their father.

And I could always tell he was nearby by his grunty-humming sing song.
I'll miss making Edwin sounds around my work.

I loved him!

Here's the last picture I took of Edwin
King of the world

Some of "Quick Draw Derick" that Edwin helped me out on:
Quick Draw Derick Episode 2

Rest in Peace Edwin.

Secondly, I painted the above painting last night at the Gypsy and it
seemed to fit. I painted it during the Open Mic and it was a powerful
evening that I won't soon forget.

Live life to your fullest, friends.


Mike said…
Derick, thank you for letting us know at Tulsa TV Memories. I'm so thankful to you for helping Edwin get one of his "video realizations" together last year so we can watch it online.

Edwin was one of a kind. I'm going to miss him.
Mike said…
By the way, like the rest of the kids, I love Quick Draw Derick, too.

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