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New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Realistic


What's It Like Being An Unmarried Woman Over 30? Looks Pretty Cool To Me.

Who's the most famous person that's ever publicly lost the game? Because I just lost it. So did you!

Arts: Some memorable events and personalities in 2014

For our festivus, we have an ugly sweater portion, and the winner has his sweater DESTROYED so it can never be experienced again.

Driving to Tulsa!

Good doggy.

It's coming! Merry Christmas! Also, happy new year (and Festivus)!! I whipped this illustration up for my family. And you, too! We'll be coming back to Tulsa on the 22nd on the 22nd for friends and family for a whole week! We'll celebrate an early Festivus, then family gatherings galore!! Woohoo! See you in a few days, Tulsa. Schmoopy's coming too!

Facebook is a terrible place to have an argument about Duck Dynasty. We are at the perfect place where everybody knows and loves someone who is gay, but everybody also knows and loves their well-meaning grandpa that still spouts ridiculous old-timey bigoted comments around the Christmas dinner table. This year, remember that many homes will have grandpa Freddy and Aunt Jane (and her wife, Lily) right at that X-mas table. And they will still love each other. It's going to be ok.

Dang it! That's all.

Shipping another painting! Always a good start to my day.

Samantha and I are working on something magical and totally awesome. You'll love it! If only I could spill the beans...

I need a transporter, stat! Alas, I don't think I'll be heading up this time. Sorry folks.

OK Tulsa folks, I'm still crazily considering going into Tulsa from Dallas. How is it? And how will it be tomorrow when I head back?

I like that Walmart family better.

That open mouth kiss was the fist time I saw some emotion! Yay! #herhillsarealive

Whisper whisper whisper flat flat dull dull YODELLAY YODELLAY YEEHOOO!!!!! It's fun to watch little kids act circles around the name lead. #soundofmusic