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Notes upon a world of life on a cloudy windy day

The wind billows and bends tree trunk tops
Goose-egg grey in bright and dim hues nearing the edge of evening
The chill of coming autumn finally slips its subtle notes into mind's eye,
Gives a knowing wink and little clever smile
Saved best for the folds in between pillowy menacing tufts darkened to a coal murky shade, water filled
Breeze dipping into chilled but dotted warm pockets of Earth's last bold breath of Summer hard baked.

Painted Necklaces by Snoweyes

A unique work of art; a necklace laid upon a beautiful neck to frame it’s shoulders does something to inspire the spirit. Each expressive necklace is transformative; individually created and adorned with imagery for the soul. Everyone deserves to showcase their individual style and these Painted Necklaces by Snoweyes(Derick Snow) truly do just that.Each handcrafted necklace is about 2 1/2” in width, with a chord about 16” to tie around the neck. After being painted each work is sealed in an impact-resistant polymer glaze for longevity and signed in gold-leaf on the back with the artist’s trademark signature, the Snow Eye.Here are links to each Etsy listing:

I’ve been painting these limited quantity necklaces in the last few months just for my Etsy fans. These beautifully handcrafted lightweight polymer clay circles were designed and sculpted by the ever crafty Samantha Woodruff. I painted the surface with acrylic paint with all of the creative gusto I bring when I paint gigantic l…

The Art of Snoweyes

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Illustrations and doodles

NEW! Ty and Jude's Tulsa Adventure!
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Written by Samantha Woodruff and Illustrated by yours truly.

Derick Snow was born in Missouri and lived in Barrow Alaska before eventually finding his way to Green Country, painting with bands and performing artists. He has been painting regularly since 2003, coloring canvas to the heartbeat of the sounds that swirl around him, splashing his energy at those he may inspire. His first exhibition saw 17 of 30 works sold in a month's time and has been selling to clients regularly ever since.

Derick's works are primarily painted live onstage with performance groups and live music acts from all over the country, creating an energetic one-of a kind painting that is usually finished in one amazing night. His work is heavily influenced by the chaotic balance of nature, a…

Derick Snow, Actor

Represented by 
Core Talent in Dallas: (214) 274-8687

Linda Layman Agency in Tulsa/OKC: (918) 744-0888

Updated 4-2015
Check out my resume at Actor’s Access! or Download the PDF!

Derick Snow was born in Missouri and lived in Barrow, Alaska before beginning his thespian lifestyle in the first grade as Max in Where the Wild Things Are. 

On-screen appearances include Scrubs, Dallas (2014) Desperate Housewives; his own TV show for kids, Quick Draw Derick. Feature-length films: The just-released So This Is Christmas (Geo), The Rock 'n Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher (Rick); Home, James (Clint), and as the well-intentioned lead Nick Peters in the feature-length film, Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles. 

Derick was recently on the stage at Six Flags Over Texas in 2014-2015; 2013's TATE award-winning Of Mice and Men (ATC) as Curley, Tulsa Project's AEA production of Deathtrap (Porter); Odeum Theatre Company's Reasons to Be Pretty (Ke…

Carpe Vita

I had a blast creating dozens of caricatures on the 4th with BAM Entertainment, and am looking forward to more artsy magic this month. Big art news will involve a giant permanent art installation of my work in Tulsa...!

Last weekend or Gypsy folks! This Sat and Sun! It been six weeks of shows and a grand time I hope to take part in again with LOOK Musical Theatre.

If you are interested in The Drunkard, I'm performing as Sample with Samantha in the oldest show in the U.S. of A on July 21st. Get tickets by calling 918.587.5030 today! We're ending the night with a couple of great musical duets.

You probably can't see this show I'm performing in Thursday, July 12th, but I'm puttin on one heck of a Murder Mystery in OKC at the Scurvin Hotel for a bunch of Sassy politicians. Fundraisers are FunRaisers! It's called...
THE ULTIMATE MURDER MYSTERY PRESENTS ​ “Persons in the Hood, Cracks in the Capit…

Good Times

Hello Friendlies! It’s been a little bit since my last post, but I’ve certainly been a little bit busy with the usual projects. Here’s a smattering! Since January I wrapped both films, did a little bit of ADR work for So This is Christmas and performed in shows for the Ultimate Murder Mystery and Harweldon’s Quillow and The The Giant.On Valentine’s day Sam and I got all dressed up and went dancing, winning the best dresses contest and tickets to many more swinging Jazz Depot shows this year. I may not be a dancer, but I’ll certainty enjoy swirling around the floor in fancy outfits. The pic on the left is how I dressed up, pink dress shirt and fedora in supply!The weather has warmed up enough for all kinds of little outside adventures for running and taking photos. I’ve gotten to play on the road, at my favorite park (Sequoyah), and trails over at Turkey Mountain. It’s been grand. All I need now is a place to swim…I’ve had a few fun painting shows with Autumn Shade, as well as painting…

The Cleverest Monkey

Psssst, here's a random story to test some stuff!
Once upon a time there was a marvelous little monkey. He ate an apple and said, "why isn't this a banana?"
Tossing his fruit aside, Monkey decided to find his holy fruit; he ambled briskly to the thick juicy tree before him and ripped it from its roots before gnawing a a place for himself.He needed a boat to go away to the Grove, where all banana dreams came true.  
Grovewas not an easy place to get to. It was far away in the middle of the yellow sea; it's inhabitants (called Bo-nanas) were also of the monkey eating variety, though Monkey was not unprepared. He coated his rump with a sticky-sweet jam that happened to frighten bo-nanas in a very unique way.  
As Monkey slid his new boat out to the open water, the Moon came lurking down from the sky to introduce the rules of the sea to newcomers as he did every Thursday evening
"Aha monkey, looks like a fine time for a float," whispered the moon. His old wear…