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Holiday art sale!

Made some price drops on some paintings just in time for Kwanzaa! If you'd like my art I'll knock any older painting 16x20 and larger 40% off! Prices good through Dec. 26th.

My newest works

Here's my large gallery

If you are on the Tulsa area I'll personally deliver the art to you! Out of town? Just get in contact with me for info. I take credit cards!

Silly Peter Pan

There are many stories in the world but
The tale of Peter Pan is one of my absolute favorites. Even before playing the character I probably read the story half a dozen times and I routinely go back to it as I dream of an adventure in my little life or think of a magical place to create when I paint.

I was just reading the Annotated Peter Pan ( ) and love the care and extra information about the author that are woven into the book. There are letters to love ones from and to Sir Barrie, illustrations galore and so much more. One of my favorite things I love is the script J. M. Barrie wrote for a silent film version he envisioned! Reading this has reminded me that I've been in three theatrical versions of Peter Pan; once as Peter himself, and twice as Smee. I've acted with two fine folks who have played The Pan; Jeremy Sumpter and Cathy Rigby (both of whom are in this book). I remember when Jes Lenee…

Acting fun

It's been a fun little week with four different projects going on all at the same time. I'm just off of the first of three days as a heart patient in a lovely little film called 9.8. I shot in the chilly but lovely autumn nature for a dream sequence with a mysterious girl. More to come and I'm excited for the shoot.

My second project this week was two performances of Quillow and The Giant this morning and afternoon at schools in Broken Arrow and I truly enjoy performing for kids who have probably never even experienced theatre before this show. They get so excited for the giant and our silly antics!

Lastly I'm shooting an industrial film this weekend as a leisure employee for a company. I'm all lined up for wackiness and comedy as a slacker!

But that's not all! I'm painting tonight now that I've got a little downtime. I'm living he good life and I'll take more please!

I'll leave you with a pic I was sent from So this is Christmas, which …

Holy Cow!

What a crazy, wonderful week! I am extremely lucky to say I’ve been booked for a feature film , called “So This is Christmas.” I’ve been really busy acting in theatre and it’s nice to fill out a character for the big screen. LIke all good things it’s coming and going very fast, shooting begins this Sunday and goes for a few weeks. The fist auditions went well and the call back with the producers also went well, but like a good actor I didn’t expect it until I got the call yesterday. I’m simply running around like crazy getting things together for all of this and my motor has been turned from “trotting turtle” “rabbit.”I am really, really booked up the next few weeks with Ultimate Murder Mystery and The Drunkard, as usual. I’ve also begun shows for Billie Sue Thompson for Quillow and The Giant; our first performance for kids at schools begins today. Also this week I’ve had some interviews for a new position in the corporate offices of where I work. I would love that and the last interv…

Moving fast

The month is blurring by and Urinetown is half over. This is our last week and things have been going well!

Our show was featured in the Urban Tulsa magazine this week. Here's a little write up:

We had some fun on KMOD last week with Phil and Brent talking up the show. Somehow we got to talking before the show about my 22nd birthday, the one where my family took me to Hooters; thanks Erica! During the show my caffeine kicked in nicely and it was a great segment that ran for fifteen minutes over the air with jokes and merriment. Brent finished off the interview by saying the show was just as family friendly as Hooters! I had a great time and I kind of yearn to be on the radio so if anyone has some strings to pull I'd like to get them pulled. Get me?

Samantha an I are going on an audition this Monday for the Lyric theatre. They are casting for some paid theatre gigs and I'm pretty excited about it. To be successful p…

Murder mystery magic

So I'm here all the way out on old 51 at a place called Stone Bluffs Cellars Winery in fabulous Coweta. I love road trips for little gigs.

This week I am getting some art ready for September 30 at the Living Arts space right next to the Gypsy coffee house. The event is the Indy Emporium 2011 and I'm very excited to be a part of it. Who's coming?

Now, I've got to get ready for the show, and tomorrow the gang from Urinetown and I are moving in to the PAC for next week's big show!

Back in business!

I'm posting this from an iPod today to bring you little updates from life and it's been a good month or two! My ...32nd birthday came and went and I'm in the middle of a big stage production of Urinetown here in Tulsa. Its a musical and I get to strut on stage as the lead, Bobby Strong. It's been a bit of a hard task but I think everyone will enjoy this funny musical at the PAC!
In other news I've got an art how at the end of the Minh at the Living Arts space downtown on the 30th, and two murder mysteries in the next two days; one at Molly's Landing and one at a shmancy winery an hour away.
I've been auditioning for various roles as drug users and dealers this month in films. Working on the North side lately has given me plenty of inspiration for the roles. I'll find put about those in the next few weeks. On other tv and film news, I found out I'm getting a check for some show I did a little while ago. Now that's working smarter and not hard…

Busy little life

Living life as been fun lately with so much to do. I’m still in Tulsa, doing shows of the acting and artistic variety. I performed in a show (for the Ultimate Murder Mystery) for <100 Republicans as a Sctottish thespian (The Western UMM show), which was pretty odd and humorous. I’ve been performing mostly in a show called “Trailer Trash Karaoke Deathmatch” as a cross-dressing security guard. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you. I’ll let James D. Watts of the Tulsa world tell you more HERE :)I’ve gotten back to work on “Teaching Faith” (working title) here in town this week, recording ADR voice work and shooting a pick-up scene here and there. It’s a good film that is making it’s way the finish line after a long year of work!Since I last wrote I performed in a show with the great Billie Sue Thompson. She put together a show for kids, “Quillow and The Giant,” based on a book and it’s a cute little musical we’re gearing up to perform with at schools around Oklahoma once s…


Return of the Moon on X
by snoweyes. It's been a month of joy and adventure, but no blogging. I'm alive and well!

I had a few art shows, many murder mysteries and even a Drunkard performance or two in the last month or two. Sam and I traveled down Route 66, painted a Table with friends, played downtown, visited Branson and SDC, and traveled little places in the middle of working through the month at our little "dayjobs" and all of that fun.We took in warm weather, cold weather and wet weather, all for the love of interesting things in Tulsa. We took portraits of actors and friends and loved ones. We dyed eggs with friends, watched movies with family and ate yummy treats along the way. Sam and I also celebrated our three years together. What a month!

I'm gearing up for a few things in the next few weeks:
I'm painting at Mayfest, so look for me!

Sam and I are acting in Murder Mysteries on the 14th and 28th, so some out and see us some Saturday night at www.ultimat…

Art Show Friday Fun

I’m gearing up for an Art show at the Gypsy tonight, here are the details:Friday, March 4 · 7:00pm - 11:00pmGypsy Coffeehouse
303 North Cincinnati Avenue
Tulsa, OKA night of magical art and music with Derick Snow will happen this Friday night downtown for the First Friday Art walk series in Tulsa. Come down and witness live painting at it's finest, featuring the amazing and incomparable Autumn Shade (, with Jes Lenee, Nathan Wright, and ??), with special guest Eric Von Strauss playing his beautiful music late into the night!
Complimentary snacks and libations (drinks) from 7 to 9 for the art crowd. I'll be offering portraits for DIRT CHEAP that night and will be offering up new works for the end of winter and beginning of Spring. Great deals, incredible music and beautiful art awaits!
Gypsy Coffee House is behind Spaghetti Warehouse, downtown Tulsa. If you miss the show, my art will be there for a few weeks, but the good stuff sells fast so don’t mi…

An average week?

Getting ready for hanging at the The Art House gallery, getting imagery for an art show in March GYPSY COFFEE HOUSE & CYBER CAFE', going over script for REASONS TO BE PRETTY, by Neil Labute at the PAC, refreshing lines for an The Ultimate Murder Mystery! next week, looking for my dancer's belt for a character outing as MEGAMIND, and preparing some Quick Draw Derick Magic for my friend Jes Lenee’s birthday on the 8th. Oh, and I've got a sweet art portfolio I'm wrapping up for an interview as an art manager this Friday for ole QT. So, It's an average week. HA!Check out the photo by Samantha she took of our show, Reasons to Be Pretty! The show’s been going very well. We’ve got some good reviews and the shows have been a blast to act in.Some review goodies..."Derick Snow’s performance as the loud mouthed Kent, a bullying misogynist cheating on his wife, is an absolute joy to watch, creating moments of laugh out loud humor and of unsettling physical and emotion…

Art and Magic

It's good to be back in the art scene, Tulsa. I'm putting on two art shows next week. The first; opening at Heller Theatre will last for ONE HOUR before the show (6:30-7:30) on Friday the 28th. The works will be featured during the run of their show. Amazing surreal photographs by Samantha Woodruff will also be featured as well paintings I've made in Tulsa to live bands will be on display and for sale. This will be a night of culture, magic mixed with the performing arts.Heller Theatre will hold an Artist Reception on the Opening Night Performance of "A Delicate Balance" on January 28, 2011. Join us from 6:30-7:30pm in the lobby at the Henthorne PAC for an opportunity to talk to the artists, view their work, and enjoy beverages and snacks! Henthorne Park is just East of Peoria and 46th Street, on the side of Egg Roll Express!
You can See the Press release here:!/note.php?note_id=145100595548875&id=80428803202And event details he…