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A December, I hardly knew ye.

December is nearly over but it’s been a month that’s slightly blown by, with the exception of a few great little moments with friends and family. The first days of the month were warm enough to travel out to Mannford for a lovely trek through an abandoned campground where “old” Mannford used to live. It flooded about 50 years ago and just little remnants remain. The days have been kind to the area, rendering the old houses and barns with grown-over vines and a beautiful weathered look that gives the area such a great invitation for my kind of adventures.That ended a few weeks ago when the weather got much cooler and had forced me inside more than I’d like, but I can’t complain. We’ve had lots of gatherings and parties this month.I’ve had friends over and even celebrated the time-honored Festivus (link), the festival for the rest of us. Our friends have melded the tradition of “The Aluminum Pole”, “airing of grievances”, and “feats of strength” with new added value, like an ugly sweate…

Funny Funny

It's funny how different an acting resume is from a work resume. One is filled with technical facts about my work history, one shows off how goofy I am. I've got two important auditions coming up, but I’m keeping my cards close to my chest until it’s time to collect. I've also got TWO art shows in January and another in February. Stay tuned!

Autumn Days Are here

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’ve eaten thousands of calories last week and I’m happy to have met my family and friends for the holidays. Autumn is in full swing here in Tulsa. The crisp air is rolling over the town and I’m hustling my buns to get money together for those pesky things like rent and food. I’m looking for more work, art shows and all that. I’m working a day job that is just meeting my needs and adding little gigs during the week as I need them. I’m still looking for that fancy bit of an opportunity that will give me a breather, so if you happen to know of one, I’m game!t fThe last few weeks have been filled with dinner theatre and work. I’m thankful for all the things and people and experiences this year. I can’t wait for more to come!

Ah Ah Autumn

On a faded Autumn evening
Near the edge of the wood
I came upon two paths
One well maintained and used
The other mysterious and
Unused by the Common Man.
I took the path more traveled.
It was not only easier but
There was a McDonald's right
Next to the yummy Starbucks.
Not too shabby for an Autumn Day.
-Bob Mist xoxo
Bob Mist is the antithesis of Robert Frost, as discovered by my friend Ty and I.:)Oh, oh big news. You know how I wanted one of those amazing mixing devices, the Vitamix? Well…we are now the proud owners of a Vitamix, courtesy of Sam’s dad! He got one back in 1983 and used it for about 5 years until Sam’s mom made him put it away. It’s in good condition. I’ve already made a delish mango sorbet last week, and Sam made an amazing tortilla soup, salsa and guacamole for friends last night. It blends like a jet engine. It cooks using the POWER OF IT’S OWN BLADES. I’m very happy with it and the amount of raw foods we’ll be eating in the future…

Adventures in randomville and painting galore

I randomly got free tickets to the fair and skyride today, so my lady gal Samantha and I paid one last trip to the Tulsa State Fair.Our main goal was to get some peach wine from some friends who have had great success with a booth (Whispering Vines) and ran into one of the folks who helped out on Quick Draw Derick, Scott Pendleton of the Pendleton family fiddlers! I tend to run into someone I know every single place I go to here in Tulsa. I love running into all of the best of Tulsa when I’m bouncing around.While we were at the Fair last week, I happily discovered that I won 1st place on one of the five photos I submitted, and Sam won 2nd for one of hers. I still don’t always understand why one photo wins and another gets passed by, but the photo and art exhibits are one of my personal favorite reasons for going to the fair every year. That, and the free Vita-mix samples. I want one!Yesterday my friend Leah celebrated her birthday, the day before 10-10-10. Me and my gang of friends we…

Birthdays, Woolaroc, Los Angeles and Ben Affleck?

I’ve had a lot of time away from writing this last month since my last full blog. I’ve been really busy! Let’s start from August. I’ve alot to write, but it’s juicy at the end so stay with me!!!Peter Pan ran to it’s satisfying end in Branson on August 15th. When folks ask when it’s coming back to Branson I’m confident that it’s over for good in the Ozarks. It was a good run and I am blessed to have been in such a brilliant show with amazing, talented actors and dancers and backstage folk I made great friendships with. I really liked Branson, but I’m happy to be moving on.Is that the end of all Peter Pan for me? I think not. There’s something big coming up, but that’s in nearly a year. I’ll let you know once things get rolling.After August 15th, we began the fun of moving into Tulsa to save up and stop spending so much money for a change. Samantha’s Dad let us stay at his house for a few weeks while we went on the grand adventure of looking for jobs and housing. As soon as we hit T-To…

I’m still alive ;)

I am indeed alive! After getting in T-town I’ve been so ridiculously busy, what with finding a place to stay, moving, moving in, finding a job and starting training, it’s been a little hectic to be sure!I’ve go to work tomorrow morning so I’ll keep it short, with more to come! In the realm of art I got to paint with a cool band headed up by a girl named Chelsea Coleman at Cherry St. a few weeks ago. Sam and I’ve also submitted to the Tulsa State Fair for various photography categories, so when it rolls around in a few weeks feel free to check the photography out!Well, I’m off so I’ll let you know more later, yes?

Well, well, well

T-minus ten days from today and the magic’s over for one part of my little life. I feel very lucky to be where I am right now and I am happy to be allowed more amazing adventures in my life. Who knew I’d be living the vagabond life for the last two years? I hoped, put the energy out there and it came back to me in ways I couldn’t imagine.I’ve got Tulsa coming up in ten days. I’m looking forward to interesting projects and hanging out with my dear friends, but I’m doing my best to enjoy what I’ve got left while I’m here. That said, if you know any thing I might enjoy in any capacity (art, job, acting, etc.) I’d love to know.This last week has been fun. I captured a few pictures this week. I felt slimy, scary and rather villainous, all mixed up with a winning smile! The cast of Peter Pan all went on a scavenger hunt and of course it was the hottest day we’ve had in some time. It was downright punishing heat. I was captain of my photo team and Sam was captain of her own and we both did w…

Goodness Gracious!

Hi friends and family! I’ve been quite in the mix of life, rolling along with Peter Pan and really enjoying photography the last few weeks.  Since I seem to write every few weeks I find I’ve really accomplished alot, so I’m sorry if you were only looking for a tiny update.Last I wrote I’ve visited some great places that offer mystery and intrigue. I combined that with people and moody ideas that excite the senses. The picture you see to the left is a really interesting picture Samantha took. I edited the image in strange ways. I love imagining thousands of years from now in places we may long abandon. What will that building, that Ramada Inn, that mall become; just splinters and nature melded into it. The spirit of that memory remains and I love searching for those feelings.Where have I gone? We’ve really enjoyed Table Rock Lake for swimming and art. We found a stream near our condo in Branson as well. Between the two we’ve had some great times and interesting photos. I was fortunate …

More on fate and life from LA to Branson

Derick Snow  is a firm believer in fate. "Were you in the right place at the right time?" I seem to be. Important people and events slip into my life and I can feel when these things are going to affect me, or I am going to affect them in important ways in the grand scheme of life. I've found when I open my eyes to the amazing world of Kismet, who I am doesn't change, the world doesn't change. How I live in the world changes and perceptions unfold, allowing me to see what I've been missing the entire time. I used to think I kept running into people because I lived in a small town, or a small city. I don't think that way anymore. I've experienced the wheels of fate in France, California, England, Branson... I see great opportunities all around me. The only control I have is to say yes or no to the adventure and I'm a yes man. I'm in the midst of a great rush of water that gently keeps me in interesting circumstances that are always...perfect. W…

Flowers and Pirates

This week has been the start of deep rehearsals before beginning a new play. Once again, I am donning a pirate stance. I am also in a comedic role. Crazy, right? I’m playing the role of Thousand Summers in a new show called Evernight: The Musical. I’ve got long, flowing locks or red with my arms jutting out of a sexy vest. My character is absolutely in love with himself. I’ve given him some loving qualities mixed with Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride and Puss In Boots as played by Antonio Banderas, so you know it’s a very serious role for the ages. At the very least it’s a fun show with a lot of schmancy songs that kids will enjoy.The show is playing all the way down in a city south of Los Angeles called Oceanside at a venue called the Star Theatre and it’s a groovy retro theatre that doubles as a church on Sundays. It’s about a half-hour away from San Diego and the drive is a thing of beauty. Ocean and beaches line the end of the drive and I’ve had a grand time in the one day I’…

The Art of SnowEyes: Meadow To Ashes

Meadow to Ashes
Acrylic on Canvas
Click Here To Purchase on EtsyThis large painting is truly a colorful work of art. The light is low and brooding but is filled with a hopeful flourish in the red fluttering scarf and peering sunrise/sunset defiant in the face of a coming storm.
A deep orange-violet sky covers beautifully textured green swept plains. In focus you'll find three downed-brightly colored sunflowers days after their highest moments. They withdraw, for a storm is coming to this place, thick with warm-toned solitude near the last remaining tree in the last meadow near rough seas. Just behind that tree leaning behind thick trunk is a girl's grey-green shadow living out her finer moments in repose, crimson scarf fluttering in anticipation. The moon looks on in wonder.I started this by painting live at an art show March 18th in Downtown Los Angeles for a group that offered to host my art. I began the night by playing my accordion to create a mood tha…

The Art of SnowEyes: Two Loves

Two Loves
Acrylic on Canvas
Click Here To Purchase on EtsyFor my birthday I was given a gift that allowed me to get this lovely square-format canvas. As I moved to Los Angeles I had a celebration by painting this work, entitled Two Loves. Over the course of two months I added layer upon layer to the finished work you see here.A world-weary moon looks lovingly at the heart of the Earth, a tree that valiantly stretches toward the heavens where Father Moon lives. They both linger in a wistful moment at sunset behind their soul connection. Splashes of color adorn this canvas, with rich yellow and orange hues creating the light versus dark motif found in the sky, richly shaded tree, emotive moon and flowing Earth moving beneath the two loves. Flourishes of bronze and blue spark the edges of subject, and just a hint of light hits the wise moon's eyes. My trademark Snoweye lives on the bottom right corner of the canvas.

There are many hidden symbols I've created a…

The Great Cartwheel of Life

I’m back in Los Angeles after lots of great times in Tulsa. Since my last little blog update I sold three paintings to wonderful art collectors in Tulsa. I hand-delivered “Return of The Boy on X,” “Old Man on X” and “Dark Dream Nightscape” to their new owners and that certainly helped offset the auto-calamity that befell me here in Norwalk. I’ve still got lots of paintings for sale and I’m still in the process to putting some more up on my Etsy website. I’d love to sell you a painting.The second big chunk of the film wrapped up and I can’t explain how much fun I had on the set and in Tulsa with cast, friends and family. I didn’t have nearly the time for friends and little side excursions I planned on, but I enjoyed each small moment I could partake of. I loved hiking the trails of Turkey Mountain; photographing friends at music festivals; exploring the nooks of a downtown darkened, abandoned and reflected by the deluge of a beautiful midnight rain with open hearts; the delights of run…


The first bit of the filming is over and I got back in LA just a few days ago. So far, the film is going very well. I’m getting to work with some really talented folks and I’m being challenged in great ways as an actor. I feel like I’m in a great character groove and it is going to be a funny, sincere romantic comedy you’ll be seeing when it’s all wrapped up. I flew back the 10th and I’m happy to be home for a few days.

I’ve had quite the time in Los Angeles since I got back. Story time!

There’s a funny thing about parking in Los Angeles. There is no easy parking in Los Angeles...ever. We only get one parking spot at our apartment, so I'm always having to move my car around; especially since all streets here have at least one day a week where they street clean and the city will tow you for that. On those days there isn't one spot for blocks and you have to be creative. I parked in an unused lot on the other side of my wall from my apartment, where do…

From a bedroom on a day off

Hi and welcome back! Pull up a tumbleweed. I’ve got a day off from the film but that’s not the end of my acting for the next two days. I’ve got an audition in less than an hour and a Murder Mystery on the 7th for a private party. I’m trying to work in some art, family and fun while I’m at it. Here’s a little production photo from one of the days we’re at a place called the Crystal Pistol. I did most of my work that night before a horde of extras came in. If you’d like to be in the film as an extra I’m sure we’ve got a few days coming up that we could really use lots of folks! I’ve been very busy and focused while working on this project. It’s got a long plot but just let me tell you that it’s funny, got a nice amount of heart and the actors that I work with are on their game. I’ve got another week shooting and then I play hop, skip, rest, Los Angeles, hop skip and four days later I’m in Tulsa for more.I wish I had more time to tell you about it but I’m a busy little lad today. Tomorro…

Teaching Faith Shoot

Hi world. I’m in Tulsa but I’m busy busy with a film project, whose working title is Teaching Faith. I thought I’d update saying all is well. I’ve been put up in a nice cozy place in South Tulsa and even have a car during my stay here. Every day has been an adventure with the nice cast and crew. I started the shoot on the first and will be shooting mostly through the month. I’m very excited to get the chance to have a lead for a film and it presents intriguing challenges every day.I was happy to see some Tulsa friends last night as extras on the set. This wednesday we’ve got a few other shots that might need some background actors…I’ve actually got to run off to set but I’ll be posting pictures, thoughts and videos of the shoot while I’m here. In the meantime, head over to my flickr page and see some fun pictures I took in LA the week before I left. They’re intense!Have fun and I’ll be lookin’ for you.

As the days fly by

Man has time flown since I last wrote. April and March  shaped up to be a busy little few months. The photo you see is from a fun trip Sam, Carrie and I had at a place in Hollywood called Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. We had free tickets and got to pretend to be with celebrities! Above is some lady that had some errant hair on her cleavage. I was doing her a favor, and Sam sees a fly or something on my head. We’re so helpful!What’s been up this month?Almost too much!Let’s see. I was in a show of the series “House.” I am a new dead guy for the season finale. I can’t tell you much, but I was very bloody and had lots of fun working with the cast and crew. I must admit I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I always appreciate working on set and seeing the new tech people are working with. D-SLR cameras that shoot HD video amazes me and I thought someone should be using the format. It looks so pretty!Sam’s sister Carrie came and left, my friend Jes’ mom and sister, Jana and Kim came to LA for …

Saint Patrick and Derick

In L.A. Thurday (3-18)? Celebrate Day-after St. Patty's Day with an Art Extravaganza with my paint, my friends and my accordion@ The Airliner, 2419 N. Broadway 8-midnight. Be there or be boring!I'm painting with some bands, and playing my own bizarre brand of pretty accordion Thursday night.
Come and take pictures so we can all remember after we've fallen asleep.

Earthquakes and Fun Stuff

In firstly unrelated news, here’s a fun video that was produced from the photo tour I was a part of a few weeks ago. I’m in it a few times and my pictures are dispersed throughout. Enjoy.And now, a true story.We woke up at 4 this morning to the earth shaking, and had nothing to do with it.! I woke up around 4 to some quaking earth! Sam and here sister were here. Sam and I were fast asleep in our room, with our house guest Carrie in the other room when it got all rumbly. As soon as I realized what was going on I ran us all under the doorframe in the hall and covered our heads. It was a 4.4 I read. Nothing fell over or shifted or anything. It lasted maybe 15 seconds. It felt interesting considering I hadn't felt one in a long while but nothing really happened other than the sound waves freaking us out. We're a-ok!I’ve got some plans today mostly involving Santa Monica and the Ocean, followed by figuring out some sche…

March 15, 2010 Stuffs

My weeks have been moving smoothly like butta. I’ve had some good stuff going on. I went to the photo tour gala and had a great time at a VIP room @ House of Blues last week. I got to meet some interesting people and have some lovely conversations about photography. I got some free shwag in the form of tickets to Universal Studios and Madame Tussaud’s in addition to good food and drink. House of Blues smelled better than I expected. The savory smell of patchouli wafted in the express elevator I was shown to and when I got up to our area the mood lighting and art on the walls made me feel pretty good about the whole experience. Even better, I’ve been invited to more events and I love the culture and the chance to capture some of it with my little camera.I had my art show last Saturday and I had some fun friends come out and got to show my art to Pasadena for the first time. There was a very good turnout and my paintings will be there for two weeks. If you are in the area of Nova Galler…

Misadventures in LA

Malibu Heights
by snoweyes. Hello! Let's update my life.

Yesterday we took a wonderful hike up in Malibu. There's some great nature, waterfalls, and abandoned structures. As you can see the house was huge before it burned down in the 80s and eventually got turned into a public hiking trail. The first time I came was with my old friend River Behnkin back in 2004 and I've been yearning to return.

Last Sunday Sam and I were invited to go on a photo tour, sponsored by the LA Tourism Department, Discover LA and Star Line Tours. The photo part of the day was extremely fun. I've uploaded a ton of pictures from the event if you want to see my images.

The day was filled with emotional highs and lows. Before the tour even began, we made a few wrong turns and were nearly late. We found some parking a few blocks away and rushed to join the tour. An all-day tour can be exhausting, if only for all the direct sunlight on an open double-decker bus. I brought my hat and shades but ended…

Why I love my life, or some of my acting work.

In the near future I’ll have my videos squashed and edited into one tasty segment for you to see. I’m kind of waiting for the full release of the Duncan Christopher Movie before that happens, so I’ve put a smattering of some of my projects out there for you to see. If I can get the ok, I would also love to put up some of my most recent show as Smee in Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan. I would also love to get some of my Petro Pete Voice-over work that ended up in cartoons I never saw, as well as work as the Cripple in a TBN film about Jesus. We shall see. Check back on this post for additions.If you like what you see, feel free to look at my resume and hire me for a gig, huh? I’m Sag Eligible and entirely willing to wiggle my eyebrows for you.Here’s a bit of video fun: