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New Season 12 31

I hope your new year is safe and happy! As mine comes down to one last little day I get to look back on my year and realize I’ve been a very lucky fella. It started pretty well and I’ve moved to and from Tulsa to Branson, which has been a lively lifestyle change amongst the elderly. I quit my job and have been living as an artist / actor. I’ve grown my lovely relationship with my girly girlfriend Samantha. I’ve been to France this year. I went on a cruise to Mexico. I got a dog, Schmoopy. I’ve gotten a car  that burst into flames, and then got another car that actually works! I avoided swine flu. I got voted Tulsa artist of the year by the Urban Tulsa Weekly. I survived the blizzard of 2009 and a road trip with Jes and Brian. I’ve got good friends and loved ones, I’ve got my art and I’ve gotten to work as an actor in a show I’ve always had a marvelous attachment to. Peter Pan has been very good to me.To end the year I’m celebrating with such friends as Jes, Brian and of course my love…

Duncan Christopher Fun

I was out there on the internet today and found this wonderful clip from the Duncan Christopher movie I filmed back this time last year. It doesn’t have a set premier date, but things seem to be humming along. Check out the youtube video! If you are looking, I’m in there twice; once near the :17 mark and near 1:30. That’s pretty awesome kids. You can find out more and see the bizarre wonder that is Tulsa on the Duncan Christopher website.I hope everyone had a merry Christmas yesterday in frozen land.I’m happy to be going town to Caz’s with a certain Captain Chambers and Fae tomorrow! Cheers!

Snow Angel

Samantha Angel
by snoweyes. I survived the night to bring you this message:

Merry Christmas!

Sam and I nearly slid off the road tonight coming up through the madness of the great snowstorm of 'Aught 09. My windshield decided to work in such a way that about three inches of ice formed in two spots on the wiper blades. That friends, doesn't work very well and it took a few stops at lights to finally clean the grime off the rubber bits to get it working in a much better way. It didn't end so well however. We are staying in Tulsa in a part of town where we have to drive up a lovely steep hill to get to our beds. We attempted to take a longer but safer route until we got to an intersection that was totally filled with stuck cars and we were forced to make a U-turn and go up that blasted hill.


We got stuck and I had to pull the car over to the side of the road to get our car out of the way about four blocks from home. Sam bolted for home as soon as the car started backwards and…

End of one run, run around

Hook and Smee
by snoweyes. I'm back in Tulsa until the Christmas cheer overwhelms me and I totally bust from eating goodies. I just got back from an Ultimate Murder Mystery Christmas party and I've got one each night until the 25th.

I realize I haven't written since the 1st so I'll give you a recap!

Ah, Peter Pan. It ended well and I got a nice slew of visitors the last week of the run. My Dad, Carol, Jim Fields, Bill and Barb and Jerib... Sam got to come a few last times as well and I am happy I had the time of my life. The show just seemed to get better and better with each performance and I never gave less than all I had each night. I enjoyed my time with the cast and had some great parties and getherings with those marvelous folks.

I think the last week was a great time for everyone. We celebrated our little theatre bond and played, painted, played together as much as we could before everyone left and began the never ending performer's search of the next Big Thi…

SnowWood Photography

SnowWood Photography
by snoweyes. I dub thee a photography business! We're putting this ad in a program this next week for people in the Branson area and I think we're both excited about our prospects. Headshots, Portraits, Weddings, SPecial Events, Architecture, Photoretouching and restoration are what we are adept at and if you have an interest either give a call or email us.

On the acting side, Sam's show is in rehearsal for the 15th and 16th showing of An Ozark Radio Christmas. The script is funny and Sam's playing a musical angel. Hot stuff! On my side there is some tour business for Peter Pan I've been told about that could be very exciting but I'll hold off until I see a contract :)

Also this week both Sam and I are auditioning for Silver Dollar City. We've both got to shuffle our audition material together as well as a song. If anything with Pan goes crazy it's nice to have a few plans bubbling and brewing away on the side.

I've got a very spe…

Scam, Fraud, Hell Burns and Beatles

by snoweyes. Yesterday was a one of those days where you hopefully look back and say, "aha! That's why it was the reason for all those knocks."

The day started well but not long after there was a knock at the door. The FedEX guy had a package for me. I was expecting him. I sold three paintings to a person a few days ago and was looking for their check. I signed for the envelope and opened it up...

Earlier in the week when I sold the paintings the person was just slightly off when I communicated with her. They wanted to send the price of the paintings and enough for shipping. The total would be about 650 minus shipping. Usually on my website you simply get notified that a painting is bought and you begin the packaging process once the money gets deposited in the bank. I thought that maybe the person lived overseas or something....

Back to yesterday. I slid the contents of the envelope out, and saw the check, read the amount.

The check was for three-thousand dollars. Way…

Poem of the Day

UTW Photos
by snoweyes. I awoke in a flurry last night, my body vibrating from metaphysical forces. My mind was sharp and the words came rushing to the bit of poetry. The image above is from a painting I made and sold long ago. I hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it.

Desired energy light glows near low waters
Touching bare feet under the foam there
Not more than two tracks limping away
Where the end of one rock latched to the sand
Creaked open once.

New scent of a secret sweet emotion linger'd
Not gone but could not stay without cause
Wanted unwanted shadows once in the light
Shuddered as if to say less than a whisper
Was too much for us all.

As a raft without sail from constant storm
Drifted towards the little curls of land
Glowing shapeless forms began to ignite inside
Inward eyes flickered to show the secret spot
Meant for these nights.

Summer storms unlaid from corners of existence
Rose again with each hushed beat of surf
Low in timbre thick in breath it settled
Under the Moon beyond whe…

Aww Life

Aww Puppy
by snoweyes. Life's been a real treasure lately. In terms of work, I've been playing Smee to nice crowds nearly every night in Branson to Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan. We have a new hook this run and he's fairly...INCREDIBLE at his part. He's got a different presence about him that I think everyone will enjoy. While I'm at it, I haven't seen any cast list for Peter Pan for this Branson production, so I'll list who's in the show:

Cathy Rigby - Peter Pan
Tom Hewitt- Captain Hook / Mr. Darling
Doran Schmidt - Wendy
Kim Crosby - Mrs. Darling / Mermaid / Adult Wendy
Derick Snow - Smee (meeeee)
Dakota Jones - John
Mackenzie Godfrey - Michael
Austin Klingner - Slightly
Melissa Roberts - Curly / Wendy Understudy
Matthew Edward Matney - Tootles
Megan Ellis - Twin / Pan Understudy
Amanda Lusk - Twin
Chloe Leatherwood - Tiger Lily / Jane
Tom Wolff - Starkey / Hook Understudy
Clark Roberts - Cecco / Nana The Dog
Brent Buechel - Jukes / Indian / Croc
Sean Hood - Noodler Th…

Bright Snow

Bright Snow
by snoweyes. What a perfect day to soak in Nature's Soul! The skeletons of trees speak dreams today from where I lay at Point Lookout, writing these words.

Life and fate came to my mind. I sat at Point Lookout at College of The Ozarks for more than an hour, soaking in the beauty and utter silence around me. It was a perfect moment in Autumn.

Life and living in it are such funny things. Life's course changes from time to time and I know that it's important to simply let life happen. Yesterday was some kind of special day where my spirit decided to realize the world as I used to see its auras and have the confidence to look for the soul charge in people, places and ideas that come to me.

I wonder if the emotional winding up is pushing me to open my eyes about the world again. I hope and dream that I can open my inner eye as much as sincerely possible when I am up and about. The goal of life is not to be the most clever or the funniest. It's to live and love …

That Crazy Derick

That Crazy Snow
by snoweyes. Summer is out for me again, my little gigs are over and I'm back in Hollister preparing for another trip aboard the Jolly Roger!

The last few weeks have been filled with adventures in Oklahoma and Missouri, with Murder Mysteries just about every week. Last Monday I and the UMM crew (Samantha, Sidekick Sam, Jim Fields) went over to KTUL 8 for their morning show and we simply crashed the joint. I haven't seen the footage but we had the traditional interview and then went on as Vampires during their weather report. It was ridiculous and very fun. This weekend Sam is still in Tulsa for the Halloween show and I'm sad I'm missing it, but I'm very happy to be back into Peter Pan. We've got a new hook and from what I've seen of his work (Rocky Horror on Broadway, the musical Chicago, etc.) he looks like he'll be extremely fun to work with.

Yesterday evening I went a bit crazy and set up a photo studio in my back room at my house. I&#…

Happy Days Are Here Again

Happy Days Are Here Again
by snoweyes. Sam and I have been having a fairly lovely week with a few Murder Mysteries and adventures with my friends. It's hard to believe it's getting so cold and the end to a Peter Pan break is coming to an end. In a few weeks I pick back up again with Piratey goodness and a regular workweek kicks in. How peculiar! I think we've felt a bit like hobos bouncing from place to place in the month since our Paris trip but we've had a lot of fun visiting friends, family and complete strangers.

This week I've gotten the chance to get back into a little bit of web work (internets) and I like the variety and goals of getting something finite done. I'ts just a little work but any work is good work! Feel free to send some my way, if you like :)

Tomorrow I've got a meeting about a possible film project in January with none other than Jeff Howard, also known as the evil Eraser Dan! He's got a project I would love to work with. I'll f…

Rock and or Roll!

Rock and or Roll!
by snoweyes. Hi everyone!

I've been enjoying the final bits of warm weather outside as much as possible. We went to some beautiful creeks and places that we discovered in Missouri.

This week Sam performed in a great rendition of Thriller for the Forsythe Harvest Moon festival. Now with that done, we are back in Tulsa for Murder Mystery fun with two shows this week.Tuesday is the 80's rock n roll tribute show, Do Really Want to Hurt Me, Do You Really Want To Kill Me Now? Saturday is the Western show filled with fun and mayhem with me playing the part of the brilliant Thespian J Templeton Nash, esquire!

This week is going to be fun in addition to acting. The Tulsa State Fair and Halloween festival in Muskogee is calling out for us and I think I'm going to answer it's call! I'm excited for other little things this month, like a possible art show just before Peter Pan picks up again. A new coffee and wine shop called Vintage Paris has invited me to sho…

On being back

See Hear
by snoweyes. So Sam and I have been "back" for about a week or so. I use the term just barely so since we seem to be bouncing back and forth rather than being in Branson or even Tulsa proper! Once we arrived I've been working on getting my little photos edited and uploaded. The process is a bit slow but I'm so happy with what both of us captured on the trip.

We also jumped right back into Murder Mysteries in Catoosa and had one last weekend which went very well. Sidekick Sam of Quickdraw fame came back for the month so we get to play on the weekends for those wacky murder mysteries.

I've got a lot of time before the next run of Peter Pan so I'm happy to be in those murder mysteries. I've also got some other hopeful projects coming up with Jeff Howard and a possibly maybe Halloween commercial lined up in the next few bits of time.

Sam and I are also working on getting a little photo business up and running here in Branson and surrounding areas. If y…

Last few days

Euro Disney Children
by snoweyes. Paris has four days remaining for Sam and I. Today we went to Disney Paris for a real deal that we found. Locals in the Parisian district ha could get in for under €30. If we couldn't get that deal we wouldn't be able to afford the entry, so we gave the online reservation a go and we actually got in! I was very pleased, even though the weather has gotten considerably colder and rainier this week. The temp has easily dropped into the low 60s and it just keeps getting wetter. Fortunately the rain didn't stay and we had a blast. I'm out of time so I'll write again soon!

What to be when you grow up?

by snoweyes. I was chatting up the actor's lifestyle today and I wrote a little bit about how I make extra money for things like trips and adventures in-betweet acting gigs.

Where should you start if you want to jump out as an actor but still have a need to pay the bills? You can't simply work a 9-5 job if the daytime is when all the gigs are. You've got to absolutely get creative.

I'll use myself as an example. In the next month I will work on.: creating a website for a company, shooting headshots for actors, selling a painting, submit photoraphy to a few magazines for freelance, etc. And in two months continue my show in Peter Pan in Branson and then I'll get to act in a film in February. This economy favors a freelance market and you've got to spread yourself out there until something catches hold! Unfortunately an actor's life isn't exactly stable but it makes for a nice story. I make anough money to live comfortably, even though I have changed…

Happy Place

Happy Place
by snoweyes. I've got just a few moments left in this internet Cafe to give an update on Paris and our adventures. Sam and I learned the quiet of a Sunday in Paris. Everything was closed so we spent a lovely day at the park just enjoying the sun and the area near St. Eustache. It was nice to spend a day relaxing, a vacation from our vacation, as it were!

Today we go off to the Opera House, made famous by The Phantom of The Opera. I'm super excited to actually go inside and breathe in the air that inspired such a place. Later this week we get to visit the town of Vernon, the home of Monet and a museum dedicated to his art.

Our hostel worked out pretty well with the excetption of people coming after two in the morning for the past few nights. Just one more night and we will be staying near MontMatre for a few days.

Well, I've got to go!

Short lil update

American in Paris
by snoweyes. Just here to say that our first night in the hostel ended well and we have been enjoying the day at the park. In a week we'll be enjoying another kind of park....Disneyland PARIS!!!! Woohoo!

Until we meet again


Nobody ever shows this side
by snoweyes. Hi everyone and welcome back to Paris. Yesterday Sam and I took up residence in a B&B near the metropolized area in Paris. The only problem is that we didn't write down the phone number of the place, which happened to be in a tower with the wackiest security. So wacky that we sat in a dark room for a fez minutes hoping that someone, anyone would show up and let us in. Fortunately it worked!

After a few days in a couchsurfing environment it was nice to have privacy enough to just sit and relax for a few moments before zooming off to the Catacombs! It was an interesting experience meeting with mortality deeeep underground my THIRTIETH birthday. I took some mysterious skull-ography down there. I ended the evening after some tasty gelato-as-my-birfday-cake on the roof of a building in downtown Paris, looking up at the stars, pink clouds and imagining the lovely nights other Parisians must be living in.

Today we finally made the trip to Muse…

More Advent'rous Paris

A certain Tower
by snoweyes. Hey friends! It's Derick again with some photos and notes from Paris. We visited Monmatre and a wee bit of the museums of the area and still have much more to see. We have a few days left in our current place but don't know if we'll be near a computer any time soon after that so I thought I'd upload just a few photos to see from the last few days. This is but a tiny sample of the hundreds of pictures we've taken so far.

The photo above is from a boat tour of the Seine. I know everyone takes this picture but for once it's ok to have a picture like this of my very own. We've been eating and travelling inexpensively while enjoying the culture as much as possible here in gay Paris!
I've even been doing my best to learn the language. I've got a translator dictionary and Sam has been wonderful in throwing correct pronounciations my way even though I'm a bit daft with the language. An older woman was talking to me and threw …

Off we went!

Balloon Carnivals UP
by snoweyes. Just a note: this french keyboard is all kinds of crazy so I'll keep it short.

Sam and I are in Paris after a nice long 13 hour plane ride from Tulsa and Atlanta. I think we're beating jet lag (it's 7 hours later here) but that first day was certainly exhausting! We are staying in Northern Paris in the 18th district, kind of near Montmartre. Our host, a nice, quiet fellow named Quetzal not only is a theatrical director but he also has internet so for the next few days we can get to a computer so feel free to send us your ideas for fun things to do.

Today we visited the Luvre and saw the entire city from the lovely view of a carausel! We've been taking pictures and video and I'm sure we'll be updating as the week passes. It's five days away from my birthday and I'm so excited to be in Paris!

Until next time, au revoir!

Derick Snow - Murder Mystery THIS WEEKEND

Derick Snow - Murder Mystery THIS WEEKEND
by snoweyes. Hi all, I will be back in Tulsa this Saturday for a limited engagement for an Ultimate Murder Mystery, featured in the Urban Tulsa Weekly:

Randy, Baby. On Sat., Aug. 15 the spy who shagged Tulsa, Austin Powers, is back at Molly’s Landing, 3700 Highway 66, to figure out who’s been stalking the retro ‘80s band The OxyMorons. This dinner theater event begins at 7pm. Visit to reserve your seat.

You can reserve tickets online right now here!

Tell your friends and come see me as Austin Powers (as The Rock God, Ice, Baby!) after several months away playing Smee in Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan in Branson, MO.

PS my lovely girlfriend Samantha will be playing a fabulous part in the play! How about that?!

What's up?

UTW Photos
by snoweyes. I wanted to write a wee update to my silly life. I'm still performing in Peter Pan here in Branson. It's a big, big show and ticket sales are nice and strong. The last week before the break in Mid-August is coming up and Sam and I are going to Paris, France! For three weeks!

But from August 10th to August 18th trip I'm going to be in Tulsa, which means I want to paint with some groovy artists and bands. After the trip I'm also going to be in t-town Sept 10th-ish from then to late October very off and on, and I want to paint like crazy before I have to get back into the acting side of life.

So hit me up, thanks friends. I'm in the mood for some painting/art/crazy times/bonfires/non-drug fun :)

November the Branson Pan continues on, so feel free to buy tickets till Christmas :)

UTW Best Artist in Tulsa?!

UTW Photos
by snoweyes. Hey, I've got some pretty incredible news. Earlier this week I got a notice from the fine folks at the Urban Tulsa Weekly (Tulsa's free local newspaper) that I was nominated for the Absolute Best of Tulsa awards for Best Local Artist! I didn't even know I was nominated or submitted, but when I heard the news I sent them this picture and some others from my artistic painting sessions. I told a few people about the nomination and before too long I learned that I....won...the award! The paper comes out Friday, so feel free to get me a copy while I'm up in Branson for another month in Peter Pan.

I was so baffled that I won, but extremely grateful. It's so heartening to know that I have fans and friends who so support a crazy artist as myself. Thank you very, very much for your support. I have this funny philosophy that if you give without greed, love without baggage, and just grow as you are meant to without fear anything can happen. I feel lit…

A Sign of The Times

A Sign of The Times
by snoweyes. So, I've had quite a week! I took the time to go looking for a car this last week and found one I ended up buying for 1500. 1996 Ford Contour. Not a bad price that day.

Samantha and Jes came back from their extended east coast road trip Wednesday evening just before the show. I was extremely happy to have the house full of people again! I missed Sambo. That night we weould hang out and have fun. However, on the way home, my car broke down.

The next day my car had trouble starting and it died on the road on the way back from the show. The next day it was towed to a local mechanic before all of us went to fabulous Silver Dollar City. Once we got to SDC, I got a call from the mechanic and the prognisis was pretty good; it ran out of gas! My gas gauge was simply a little off the mark and it ran out of gas, so I could pick it up when I had free time. That was a the time.

Today Sam and I got up, said our goodbyes to Jes and Brian (who got he…

The Dogpatch Adventure

The Dogpatch Adventure
by snoweyes. Those who enjoy abandoned places should enjoy this album from one of my little adventures. Dogpatch USA has a rich and storied past. It began in the late 60s to support the fantastically popular comic strip Lil Abner. Thanks to some terrible business desicions and the fact that no one remembers the stip anymore, the 800-acre park was closed in 1993 and is now slowly rotting away in the hills of the Ozarks. At one time the park had a chance to be as popular as Silver Dollar City.

When I was a kid (about 4) I remember going and greatly enjoying myself at the fish hatchery and cave. Do you remember Dogpatch?

This is from a daytrip June 22, 2009. I've been before. My first time to visit Dogpatch was about four years ago and I love the place!

I should note that it's much, much harder to get onto the property these days as opposed to when I first visited. In the years that followed my first visit, word of the place spread onto the internet and too m…

A light snack

A light Snack
by snoweyes.

Yep, I'm eating Tomaters and Hummus again and feeling a bit artsy. I came up with a few ideas for my art in the next bit of time...

A short film using exclusively still photos and my accordion music pushing the visual poem.

I have been working on some new accordion songs and if I get the time I'll be recording them in the next week or two. If you haven't heard my little Cruccinelli sing, here's a taste.

I haven't written much in the last week, but I've been trying to keep busy with art outside of the time I work on Peter Pan. Notably I've got a desire to put up some paintings in Eureka Springs very soon and I've been putting time and effort into that! I hope to have some good news in that realm of art soon enough. Until then, please eat some tasty spicy hummus if you can find some.

I have uploaded a few pictures to my flickr, but if you can find my facebook I've got many new pictures, as usual. Why do I do this? Because flick…

Pan's Bday

Pan's Bday
by snoweyes. Hi friends! I'm in the midst of performing in our play (in intermission) but hey, it's a slow period so I'm writing you :)

The photo you see is a take on an album image of Beyonce called BDay. I had to take a few pictures to get the two crocs right since we only have one suit. It's goofy but fun!

Pan has been an incredible production so far. I'm about six shows in and we've had a great turnout each time.

The first show was filled with all the local celebrities, like Yakov, Tony Orlando and Andy Williams! I got the chance to talk to them all for a bit and they seemed to quite enjoy the performance. The second show was great as well.

The third show our fantastic Hook, played by Robert Westenberg (of had a bout of laryngitis, so our Starkey played by Tom Wolff got the chance to perform three shows (one night was a two-show night), so we all got the chance to be on our toes. He was great but I'm very happy to have Bob back in the drive…


by snoweyes. Tis time for another update from my little side of the Missouri/Okiehoma border!

So far, so good. Rehearsals are still churning along with one last intense week to go. Over the last few days we've moved from setting blocking to running tech for the next few days, which means our side of the show is pretty much set. I say pretty much because every rehearsal something new gets injected into our blocking, be it a hat gag or prop gag or little dance alteration or little injury, which will probably happen until the night of the show. Still, everything is coming together nicely and I'm confident that this show will rock your socks off!

I've also been taking some pictures of the show rehearsals and cast and I think you'll enjoy them. Click on the top picture to see my better flickr pictures, or go over to my facebook (look up my name) page for the whole lot! I'm adding more as the week comes.

In the last week I made the fun discovery of the usefulness of o…
I'm watching a stage play of waiting for godot. I'll tell you if it's good!
Boston, Buffalo. It's a dance move that, when practiced enough times becomes the very same place:) i had dinner that was delish!
Just shuffled off to Boston a thousand times. That's a dance move, folks!
I yam in springfield finding Groovy art and coffee venues:)
Another short note from my phone:) Not only pan, but hook also steps no my chest! I also learned a funny waltz today.

short hello

I just got my first paycheck for the show! I'm having loads of fun and my sword fight is worth the price of admission:-) i had a nice moment yesterday when peter pan showed me how to parry a sword. That's a little surreal, yes? I'm about to go back to rehearse, so until next time!

A new lifething!!

A new lifething!
by snoweyes. Now for something completely different. Sam and I got a dog. She's pweshious. We haven't named her yet but she's very nice and sweet!

So the day is done and I'm working hard the next few days to get up to speed with the entire show I'm playing in (Peter Pan in Branson for those tuning in)

I came on up to the Mansion Theatre today for my first rehearsal. It started pretty well. I got my script (finally) and I filled out loads of W-2 paperwork. I got to meet (but not really chat) with all of the cast before the pirates all shuffled down into the recording studio hidden well below the earth. We learned and recorded four songs, including The Pirate March, Hook's Tango, Hook's Tarantella, and Hook's Waltz. It was a bit intense but I think I did pretty well, what with the grunty piratey vocals I belted out.

That was pretty much the entire rehearsal today. I have been working on the songs and script. Hopefully I'll have it all d…

Ozark Caterpillar

Ozark Caterpillar
Originally uploaded by snoweyes Well, I'm back for my last long week in Tulsa. I've moved everything in and we all spent a few days in Branson. Yesterday we blew into Eureka Springs where Jes found her dream cave house, but who knows what will happen!

This friday is my farewell party at the Gypsy Coffee House. My art is still up and there's a special thing called Art Crawl that I'm participating in that evening. I though it would be a great time for me to see any old friends and family. I'll be bringing my camera kit so I can take pictures to remember everyone by, so please come and visit on Friday night from 7:30 ish to late that night. Music, fun and friends are guaranteed, as is more wine and snacks some of you so adore!

Tonight Sam and I have murder mystery rehearsal but are pretty much free throughout the day. Give us a call is you wanna chat.

Art Show with SnowEyes, 4/23

Art Show with SnowEyes, 4/23
by snoweyes. The Art of SnowEyes

Art Show 4/23, 7p to late
Gypsy Coffee House
303 N. Cincinatti
Jes Lenee' of Autumn Shade plays while I paint 7:30-8:30p

I'm putting on an art show guaranteed to rock your socks off this
Thursday, aka April 23, aka tonight ot tomorrow night, depending on
when you read this. I'm very excited to bring 51 works of my art to
you exclusively to the Gypsy Coffee House, 303 N. Cincinatti behind
Spaghetti Warehouse. I've got paintings of all sizes and prices, I've
got wine and snacks, and I'll have a fabulous musician playing while I
paint a live work of art from 7:30 to 8:30 that night.

I'd love to see my friends and fans. I'll even bring some Quick Draw
Derick sketching supplies from my television show if that sounds fun
to you!

Art Show and Friends

Eye of Christ
by snoweyes. Hi everyone! I know I don't update as much as I used to but I've been in the midst of some huge moving stuff and since I don't have internet at my house I do what I can :)

I've got a string of art events at the Gypsy Coffee House (303 N. Cincinnati, behind Spaghetti Warehouse downtown).

The first gala is this Thursday the 23rd at around 8 pm. I'll have little treats and so much art you won't know what do look at first. I've got painted canvases of all sizes for all budgets. I've even got a painted guitar! I've got some examples on my Etsy site, but I'm bringing at least thirty works of mine for sale.

Another big show also at Gypsy is Friday May 1 around 8. It's for a larger downtown art display called the Art Crawl and That will also be huge. If you like, I'm also going to be there the evening of April 30th just hanging out. I may try to bring in musicians that night, so there's something fun every night!


...Off to Find Lost Boys

Off to Find Lost Boys
by snoweyes. I've got bad news for you guys. My Branson show got canceled and I'm screwed!

April Fools! Oh hahahahaha I'm sure you fell for that. Right.

Well, this is my last day here at TPS. I've got alot of packing up to do before the day is out, so I'm including a write-up that I made for the district newsletter. I had a lot of fun.

Longtime Employee Of to Find Lost Boys

from Derick Snow, TPS 20 Photojournalist & Personality

This is my last week walking down the halls of the Education Service Center here at TPS. Do you realize that I, the weird guy who looks like I could still be in high school, have worked here for nearly 15 years? It sounds crazy, but it's true! I started as a student reporter for a show on our television channel when I was nearly 16, which was a paying speaking gig, albeit part-time. The show lasted three years on what was then Cox cable channel 19. My senior year I began an internship with the BCTI program at Webste…

Yea Baby. I am like a BEAR

Yea Baby. I'm like a BEAR
by snoweyes. Oh man! What a week! So much fun to be had, so many shows, and so much to look forward to.

Valentine's day was alot of fun. We went to the BOK center and went ice skating among other fun activities (breakfast at Blue Dome, a nice walk, ect) before we both performed in Valentine's day show. I was Austin Powers for the very first time, and Sam was a funky cool singer that crooned the audience at a Winery in West Tulsa, Whispering Vines. It was a massive undertaking since I was the "Detective" who made sure the show went smoothly. And did it ever! Everyone was simply fantastic and I got the chance to do it again a week later.

Last Monday I finished getting sick. I had been sick with one malady or another for weeks and now I feel much, much better. Thank GOOODNESS. I hate when my body breaks down but it was just different, unrelated things right after another. I'm taking my vitamins, I promise!

I also did a voice-over for a c…

A whole mess of photos

by ultimatemurdermystery. Sambo just uploaded a massive amount of Polaroid pictures for the Ultimate Murder Mystery we got a while back. We finally got our scanner up and running so I'm excited to present them to you! There are loads of shots of just about every show over the last few years. If you found yourself in front of that crazy camera, I say check it out. If you want to see me in a vast array of silly outfits, also check it out. If you are a bored kitten accidentally checking this site, awwwwww. Check it out, kitty!

Coffee Break

Coffee Break
by willowforlife. Hey hey everyone. I'm popping by before things get too busy at work.

I love that this picture has a comment that I look like Kevin Bacon, and of course I can play that little game.

I finally bit the bullet and went to the dentist yesterday to take care of my old craggly tooth. I intended to get a crown, but it was a little to bad for that, so I got it pulled. I hope that this is the only, first and last tooth to ever be pulled. I didn't have any other cavities and my teeth are a-ok. My old tooth got damaged years ago when my wisdom teeth started coming in and shoved a tooth in such a way that it crunched and compacted my favorite back-left tooth. It affected a lot of little things in my life and I'm ecstatic to rid myself that little misery.

This week I'm working on getting together the last bits of a show I'm putting on for the Valentine's Day Show for the Ultimate Murder Mystery. I'm going to be playing Austin Powers, Baby! Y…

Oh lately...

Loving Tree
by snoweyes. I realize I enjoy updating my goofy website, and have neglected to do anything of the sort recently. So here goes my bit of writing I try to get on with!

I took the photo you see along the beauteous river here in Tulsa last weekend when the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees. How I miss that day.

I got sick a few days ago. Sick! Not fun. I thought I had eaten something that made me so...interesting, but nope. Good, old-fashioned stomach virus. Today I had an actual bite of pie. Whoa!

In the process of healing, I went and made dear Sam ill. Sorry! She says it's ok, so I'll try to forgive myself. We are both recovering nicely for the most part. We just eat very little. Like mice.

Today we went to see the musical The Color Purple. It was a boisterous show and now I'm all filled up with booty-shaking soul. Hoo-yah-mm-mmm.

I also got a new phone since I last wrote to replace my slooow phone. And then I broke it. And I just got another one to replace it!…

Photography tips from Derick Snow, TPS photojournalist

Photo Tips Collage
by snoweyes. If you just got a shiny new digital camera during the past holiday break you are probably excited to take some beautiful pictures to show online or with your friends and students. Many people expect the camera to simply take what we want the picture to look like in our imaginations, and end up less than impressed with what develops either on our computers or developing lab and they wonder, “Why can’t my picture look better?”

I’ve got good news for you and your new camera. You can take better pictures and I’ll give you some secrets I picked up along the way to becoming a photojournalist. Here are a few free tips to get you started this new year from someone’s who’s been taking pictures for over ten years.

My composition on composition. One easy way to get a better balanced composition is to use the “rule of thirds,” which is basically a way to keep your subject away from the direct center of your image. If you ever want to sound fancy in front of other ca…

January Weekend, 2009

I've been all over the spectrum of life these last few weeks. Since I last wrote, Derick has come back from Texas adventures with Sambo and Jes and Brianna. We went to Corpus Christi after new Years in San Antonio and slept on the beach! But that was last week and since then I've been really busy in a positive way.... go over to my flickr site if you can and see some other fun pictures from myself, and for some of Sam's pictures from our Texas trip, go here :)

I created this little beauty of a logo for a tattoo company run by a lovely ladyfriend I know in Texas. She invinted this fantastic ink that only lasts for six months and I think it's going to be a big hit.

I perform in Murder mysteries, namely the Ultimate Murder Mystery; at least for a few more months until I leave for that show in Branson I'm doing. James Fields is a very cool dude and I greatly enjoy working with him and his ridiculously talented actors. In an effort to kick a few more tickets for …