Ah Ah Autumn

Bob Mist Poetry

On a faded Autumn evening
Near the edge of the wood
I came upon two paths
One well maintained and used
The other mysterious and
Unused by the Common Man.
I took the path more traveled.
It was not only easier but
There was a McDonald's right
Next to the yummy Starbucks.
Not too shabby for an Autumn Day.
-Bob Mist xoxo

Bob Mist is the antithesis of Robert Frost, as discovered by my friend Ty and I.


Oh, oh big news. You know how I wanted one of those amazing mixing devices, the Vitamix? Well…we are now the proud owners of a Vitamix, courtesy of Sam’s dad! He got one back in 1983 and used it for about 5 years until Sam’s mom made him put it away. It’s in good condition. I’ve already made a delish mango sorbet last week, and Sam made an amazing tortilla soup, salsa and guacamole for friends last night. It blends like a jet engine. It cooks using the POWER OF IT’S OWN BLADES. I’m very happy with it and the amount of raw foods we’ll be eating in the future because of it.

The week’s gone by well, with a murder mystery at Molly’s Landing and some photo fun. I’ve yet to edit some of my more recent pictures, but it’s been a great deal of fun capturing some new ideas.

I managed to paint with the band Brother Rabbit at Ida Red last Friday, painting a nice little work I’m not quite finished with. Once again the set was amazing and you should find out the next time we play to understand the big deal.

If things go my way we’ll have the last shoot of Teaching Faith this Wednesday during Oktoberfest. I’m excited to see what’s next for the film!

This week I’ve made a little goal to get a painting sold. I’ve painted two new works in the last few weeks, and I’d love to show my new home, filled with art to anyone who’s interested. I may even make you a Mango Sorbet!

Now I’m going to the Gypsy for some actual poetry.


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