Accordiang to Derick

Hey friends, I'm just popping by with a bit of an update. I acted in a weird little thing Thursday and Friday and completely blew my voice out. I'm back to a mild whisper today unless I'm screaming at you but let's not.

I've been just my usual crazy self. My birthday is Next MONDAY. Woo-hoo! Feel free to send any fine china, chocolate and wine my way. I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing for myself, and I may have to extend my personal birthday celebrations with friends to next weekend but that's fine. I think My fam is having my funday on Monday, cheesecake is in order. It's my favorite cake, ho ho ha ha.

I got new spectacles last week. For not spending more than $100 clams on both specs and new contacts I think they look fine and dandy. I've got a few new pictures up on my flickr to see a different angle on them, in addition to some groovy IR photos I took out at everybody's favorite religious school, ORU. Oh. Are You?

So this week's just another week, mostly normal. I'm scheduled pretty busy through Saturday. Sunday's a bit available to interested parties. This Tuesday's Gypsy and that means more accordion and poetry :)

I'll ride the week out, I'm promising myself to do some more recording with my accordion. And maybe even a music video!

Quick Draw Derick's coming up fast, as is my New York trip in the mid-September region. I seem to be pacing myself nicely but I want to maintain that good-old-fashioned intensity that makes me who I am. It's all just a bit of a balance, really.



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