Upcoming Snoweyes goodness

I've got to get going but I wanted to let you know of some events I'm partaking in...

Saturday 8:30 I'm on the News. Maybe the Fox Affiliate? I'm talking about Mayfest:


Samson Plaza 3rd and Main

Saturday 2pm

www.tulsamayfest.org for more info.
I'll be playing my Accordion and Painting up a storm.
That night I'm taking my mommy to see Midsummer Night's Dream!

I'll also be painting with Leon Rollerson on Sunday @ 2.
Sunday Evening I'm going to see my good friend do some ballet at the PAC. This weekend I'm basically living downtown.

Oh and I painted a little bit, you can see my flickr stuff by clicking on the image up top. I uploaded a ton of stuff and I'm sure you'll have fun perusing my imagery..

Lastly, I added a new link to the painting section and my acting resume on the right side. If you don't see it, clear your webcache and try again! I think I like it.


Later I'm going to t


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