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This is my pal Chris Mantle, painter and crazy kid. Taken at Gypsy...

I've been painting a bit lately, in addition to my other duties of Television fun and accordion practice. I've neglected to upload the pictures since I've not had much online time lately. If I ever get my laptop near an internet connection soon you'll see...I've attempted to get myself into a few painting gigs, and I'll be painting at Mayfest with not only Leon Rollerson:

Leon Rollerson's Gospel Organization
Sunday May 18th, 2:00 p.m.
David Cameron Community Stage - 4th & Boston

In addition I'll be painting live during some other time with a peace organization, in conjunction with the marvelous "Rainbow Girl" but that's pending.

Next 16th and 17th I'm playing accordion for a few hours during the Blue Dome Festival at booth 104, or so it seems for now :)

I'm trying to have a relaxing day off but I always seem to find some weird adventure. I'm heading up a group to look for haunted places tomorrow. I've got six folks crammed into a van but I may be able to cram a leprechaun or some other magical creature :)

I think we're going to find a haunted cemetery, CRY BABY BRIDGE and even an abandoned house or two. We'll be bringing lots of tick spray, ahah!

Tonight I'm eating sushi and going to see an art exhibit. I'm just classy.

Sunday I was going to force myself to relax and not do any adventures, but, well, you know how that goes for me. I'm going to the Renfair in Muskogee!!!!

I've gotta get a fluffy shirt!

A few days ago my mom called me a Bohemian. That's a great description! Last week I had a painting party and I meet people in hopes of inspiring art. I do a kids show about drawing (of which Uncle Zeb did indeed pay a visit to). Adventure Artist / Bohemian Snow.

My next post is going to be for the scientific mind. Over Unity? Seriously? Wha? Meh? Hah!


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